She is said to have collapsed after his verdict! After Boris Becker (54) was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for delaying bankruptcy, his mother Elvira (86) reacted with grief. So it’s no wonder that the former tennis pro from London’s Wandsworth prison is trying to support his beloved mother.

As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, the 54-year-old is said to have called his mother several times from prison. A confidant revealed: “He said to her: ‘Mom, stay strong, also for me.'” Now Elvira’s longing is said to have become too great, because she is said to be planning to visit her son in London prison. A big step for the 86-year-old!

As “Bild” learned from the closest family circle, Elvira is planning to fly to London soon. And this despite the fact that she has not yet been able to take on the hardships of the journey. A family friend now explains what is behind the 86-year-old’s change of heart: “At her age, you never know what will happen.” Elvira is said to be afraid of never seeing her son again. A terrible idea!

The 86-year-old recently made it clear to “Bild” how close the bond between Boris and Elvira is: “We always got along well. No matter what happens – he is and will always be my son. ”It is not yet known when exactly the mother of the tennis legend will board the plane. What is certain is that it will be a tearful reunion!

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