Russian Irina Samedov told about returning from the army his son in the coffin, whose body was severely injured and was missing some parts. She wrote about this in Instagram and in the petition with the request to punish those responsible for the death of his son.

According to Samedova, she was a guardian of Dimitri Weber. 25 Oct 2019 he was called up for military service, which he held in the military unit 91704 in the city of Klintsy of the Bryansk region. March 15, 2020, he arrived in the military part 52162 in Voronezh for the preparation and participation in the parade dedicated to the Victory Day.

2 APR Irina reported that Dmitry escaped from the part: after dinner the company was built, and among the soldiers was not. Supposedly he’s shirtless, wearing Slippers, went to throw out the trash and never came back, you were part of the organized search for it. On 6 April she was notified that her son was found hanged. April 9, his body was brought home in a zinc coffin.

“When I opened the coffin, horror could not recover. My son’s body was indented on the left and right hands was missing parts. Abrasions, bruises, multiple head injuries, the absence of the larynx, damaged groin,” — says Irina.

She was told that Dmitry had committed suicide because of unrequited love. She took his body for a second autopsy, the results of which the expert said that the wounds caused by the sharpening at different times from one day to seven. In blood and urine traces of alcohol and drugs.

In this case from the case it follows that in the unit 91704 Dmitry held the drug test that gave a positive result, after which he voluntarily left the part.

Irina wonders why the military told her one version of the escape, and the materials of the case contain completely different information. In addition, many questions arise regarding injuries on the body of Dmitri. On it the marks of numerous cuts barbed wire.

“the Body is all cut up, a characteristic trail of cuts in the direction of raised hands, closed face, bitten lips, the larynx and part of the skin on the neck were not present, the furrow was not visible, on the neck burns from a cigarette butt, a broken groin, on left leg tibia cut, where there are no veins” — describes Irina.

the Investigator admitted to her that Dmitri is actually killed and even famous murderers — two contractors. But he noted that the army does not give his, so she will not be able to find evidence of the murder.

“Dima graduated from the 9th grade, went to Krasnoyarsk to College, graduated, got a diploma and joined the army to give back to the category “A” health. In Klintsy he stayed for 5 months, no complaints, the commander called, thanked for the education of his son.

I ask for help to punish these villains, really giving a healthy child to give back to the Motherland and getting mutilated, cargo 200 and a couple of papers with perjury solozhivtsov, this scum will be nothing. I ask to punish those who committed the deprivation of the life of my son, and those involved in his death,” urges the mother of the deceased.