The inhabitant of Orenburg has sued the management company of nearly 95 thousand rubles for the flood in the apartment. The living room filled with feces due to blockage in the sewer riser. This was reported on the website of the Central district court of the city.

The utility did not want to take responsibility for what happened. The representative of the defendant, OOO “Management company "South-Ural"” — the court explained that the flooded with happened due to the fact that the tenants themselves clogged sewer riser with foreign objects.

But the court sided with the Russians, noting that to maintain the sewer riser needs the utility, not the tenants of an apartment building. The amount of damage done to the apartment, estimated at than 94.69 thousand rubles. The management company will pay this amount to the plaintiff.

Earlier in June, the utility was sued by the wife of Russian actor Mikhail Yefremov. Sophia Kruglikova demanded to compensate the damage caused by her car with icicles. According to the judgment, for the broken car, the utility will pay her 120 thousand rubles.