She has contracted the coronavirus in the Japanese liner

At the Russians on Board of the cruise liner Diamond Princess identified coronavirus COVID-19. This was reported in the Russian Embassy in Japan.

In the near future it deliver in the hospital where she will receive medical treatment. This is the first confirmed case of coronavirus infection among Russians.

the Diamond Princess is in quarantine in the Japanese port of Yokohama, starting with the fourth of February, reminds “Russia 24”. According to the Japanese Ministry of health, the number of cases on the ship once again increased – now they are 454. To date, doctors have tested for coronavirus more than 1,700 people on Board.

on Monday, the Diamond Princess left about 380 American citizens. They are delivered to the base of the U.S. air force in California. Also his countrymen want to evacuate Australia, Israel, Italy, Canada and South Korea.

In China the number of infected exceeded 70,5 thousand people. Of these, more than 1.8 thousand died, recovered more than 10.8 thousand.