Heidi Klum was not at all pleased when the candidate Jasmin rebelled and had a wig chosen for her shortened on “Germany’s Next Top Model”. First there was a lecture, then the expulsion from the show followed. Now Jasmin is boycotting the finale. In the interview she talks about the reasons for her protest.

The finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model” will take place for the 17th time on Thursday evening (May 26, 8:15 p.m.). Five candidates are still in the running. Traditionally, there is a reunion in the last show with all the top 20 candidates. However, one of them will be missing: Jasmin Sainabou Jägers (23) does not want to be in the final. She caused a stir in episode 6 because she had rehearsed the rebellion against Heidi Klum (48) during the makeover.

The head of the jury chose a long-haired wig for Jasmin, which should give her a look à la Naomi Campbell. But Jasmin was not very enthusiastic and had the wig shortened by the stylists without further ado and above all without consulting Klum. Klum punished this as “extremely disrespectful” and called her action “in German, pretty sh ***”. In the same episode, Jasmin flew out of the show, but this has nothing to do with the wig, but with her performance, according to Klum.

Jasmin now announced her decision not to take part in the final after ex-GNTM candidate Lijana Kaggwa (25) had caused a stir with sharp criticism of the program and Heidi Klum. Lijana gave up in the middle of the live final in 2020 after hate messages and a death threat. Now, in a nearly half-hour YouTube video, she has sharply criticized the GNTM production company “Redseven”, accusing her of deliberately manipulating the candidates, fomenting arguments and provoking breakdowns. BUNTE.de spoke to Jasmin Jägers about the reasons for her boycott of the GNTM final.

BUNTE.de: Jasmin, you have decided not to take part in the GNTM final on Thursday (May 26). Why exactly?

Jasmin Sainabou Jägers: I saw the video of the former candidate Lijana and was totally stunned. She is now being portrayed as a liar, which I doubt. I’ve also had a few situations where you thought, okay, is this really all normal now? Sure, it’s a TV show and you should know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. But there were still things that I didn’t find correct.

What do you mean specifically?

For example, I was ill in Greece. I had an upset stomach and a fever and then I was in the hospital and got antibiotics, which didn’t show up afterwards. When the shooting with the rope took place, this “tug of war”, I threw up shortly before the shooting – maybe because of the medication. I did the shoot anyway. But then it was said: Jasmine, why are you so listless, and it was criticized that I had given up too quickly. Then I thought to myself: Huh? You know why. Those are things I mean. I don’t think that’s correct.

And it’s true that Lijana received this mod threat after participating in “Germany’s Next Top Model”. I put myself in her shoes and thought, imagine if that had happened to you. That’s another reason why I no longer want to take part in the final.

Lijana raises sharp allegations against which ProSieben is also examining legal steps: She says that her season was deliberately manipulated so that candidates argue, feet were creamed before walks so that candidates stumble. She herself was deliberately portrayed as – to put it bluntly – a super bitch who gossips about others, although that was not the case. What do you say?

Well, I wouldn’t say super bitch, but you got the feeling that they knew how to provoke you, let’s put it that way. They knew from the start that I am a very impulsive person. My feet were not creamed. On the other hand, the ground was damp on the first walk we had. And our dear colleagues always went over it with a damp cloth. Then some fell. I didn’t because I looked at the floor extra. But then it was: Why are you looking at the floor all the time? So I could imagine that some mishaps were also welcome.

You caused a stir because you rebelled against the makeover and had your wig shortened without consulting Heidi Klum. In this episode you then flew.

Yes, supposedly it wasn’t because of the wig that I got kicked out, but because my performance that day was too bad. I have to smile at that, because other candidates have already slipped through before, although they have often received criticism. So I find that a bit ridiculous. I think it was because of the wig and that I stepped on Heidi Klum’s tie with it.

If you’ve followed GNTM in recent years, you know that Heidi Klum doesn’t like the contradiction in the makeovers. So did you realize that you could get in trouble for your action?

Well, if I go to a stylist who’s on contract with the production and I ask her to trim my ends, I have a strong assumption that she knows if she can. She could have said no or had to in that case. The wig was also too big, by the way, you didn’t see that either. And then she smelled funny too. I’m out.

What annoys you the most?

I’m disappointed that it was cut that way. I told Heidi Klum in front of the camera that I went to the stylist and wanted her to cut my wig and that the stylist then cut it for me. But all they showed on TV was that I said the stylist cut them for me. According to the motto: the stylist is to blame – as if I had lied. And I just don’t think that’s fair. I also got hate messages.

Lijana also criticized the fact that cell phones had to be handed in during filming.

Yes, that’s true about cell phones, but that’s the way it is with a lot of TV shows. We already knew that beforehand. You have to know for yourself whether you can do it or not. It would be sad if you couldn’t. But everything is somehow stressful during this shooting time. I was constantly irritated.

Do you regret your participation in GNTM?

I wouldn’t say I regret it. It has already brought me something and I am grateful to everyone for the time. But if someone asked me: I want to register there, should I do it? Then I would say: think about it three times, but I wouldn’t say no, don’t do it. Everyone should collect their own experiences. Personally, I would not participate again.

Lijana said that Heidi Klum did not speak to the candidates away from the cameras. How did you experience that?

No, we also won a challenge and were then allowed to go out to eat with her. I didn’t get that. She has spoken to us from time to time, including during the makeover.

What is your tip for future GNTM candidates?

That they should please, please not let themselves be driven crazy and just be themselves. They should make their own experience.

What do you think of the composition of this year’s finals?

I grant them all that.

are you watching the finale

I haven’t watched it yet and I won’t watch the finale either.

How does ProSieben react to Jasmin’s criticism of shortened scenes? When asked by BUNTE.de, GNTM spokeswoman Tina Land emphasized: “We shoot several hundred hours of material per episode, which results in a sequence of about two hours.”

On the subject of the wig, she referred to the episode that was broadcast on YouTube: “Feel free to watch the said scene for yourself.” It shows how Jasmin Klum reports when asked that her wig was to be straightened during the makeover. The spokeswoman left Jasmin’s version uncommented, after which her statement that she had asked the stylist to shorten the wig herself was omitted.

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