30 March at 21:00 TV channel “Russia 1” will show a new series “Paramsize”. The main role in it was played Glafira Tarhanova. She says that this movie is primarily about a strong woman. Because the weak cannot pass through these difficulties, “they remain somewhere in the early stages and the first sign of trouble, and a strong go forward no matter what.”

In the series the heroine Tarhanova accused of killing the ferryman. She will go to jail for six years, and when released, it turns out that her whole life had collapsed: his father died, the husband is going to marry your best friend, but the worst — abandoned son. According to Glafira, it this line she drew in the role the most.

“She is fighting not even for love, she fights for son, — says the actress. And it is still in every woman who became a mother, it’s kind of a key note. Maternal history – she’s the strongest! We are ready to break for their children sometimes.”

the Actress notes that this is not just some story, because her character “doesn’t know what all these are for her every time for the audience again.” And every time she goes through the trials with dignity. In addition, it defends only its own interests but the interests of other people. “Lives in its some sense of truth, and it is very important,” said Tarkhanov.

According to Tarhanova, the script of the series does not copy somebody’s life, but the feelings of her characters close to everyone. “There is a feeling loneliness is a feeling of some injustice, we are all getting through it. These some points, probably, connect us,” — said the actress.