Irina Gorbacheva/Anton Shulepov

that the heart of a 32-year-old Irina Gorbacheva proprietary, actress fans knew long ago. And yesterday she guesses confirmed. In his instagram star published a picture with her new boyfriend, which her fans quickly learned Ukrainian musician Anton Shulepov, a former member of the band Quest Pistols.

the photo of Irina and Anton holding hands, and the actress does not hide his happy smile. As it turned out, the lovers were together in Kiev — the city which, according to Gorbachev, will always be in her heart.

how Long have the couple together is unknown, but last year the actress appeared in the music video the new group of “AGON” the 32-year-old lover for the song “Bomb”. And in June, Gorbachev wrote in his instagram the day of birth, which now I understand was addressed Shulepovu.

happy birthday, boy! Only from you my smile bursting me so that I look like the Cheshire cat. Only desire one thing… meeting

— written by Gorbachev.

Gorbachev, and Shulepov previously consisted of marriages. Actress in 2018 divorced with his colleague Gregory Kalinin, with whom I spent three years in marriage. How Gorbachev admitted the cause of her separation from her husband began his cheating, which she was unable to forgive him.

Shulepov also broke up with his wife Julia, the Director of his group, just a few months ago. What was the reason for their break and does his divorce with a new novel, unknown.