Not a day without a water level message in the transfer poker world footballer Robert Lewandowski, who himself declared his era at Bayern Munich to be over – although he still has a year’s contract. Record national player Lothar Matthäus is now sharply criticizing the behavior of Bayern bosses.

Understanding for Lewandowski: Ex-Bayern star Lothar Matthäus shows great understanding for Robert Lewandowski’s situation in Munich: “I can understand him,” said the 61-year-old in “Bild”. He was in a similar situation at Inter Milan in 1991 but was forced to stay by President Ernesto Pellegrini – despite being in agreement with Real Madrid.

Hardened fronts: Matthäus: “Maybe that’s why I missed the decisive five to ten percent in the next season. We didn’t play a successful season after that.” The problem could also threaten Lewandowski, who was willing to leave. Matthäus blames the Bayern bosses for the fact that things have got so far, that the fronts between the Poles and Bayern have become so hard.

Blame lies with Bayern: The 150-time German national player is severely critical: “There is no style in not talking seriously to Robert about the future for so long. Oliver Kahn recently explained that appreciation is not a one-way street. I agree with him, but Bayern took the wrong turn on this one-way street.” Matthäus also has a tip for Lewandowski’s successor: “I would get Romelu Lukaku if it were to be economically feasible,” he said of the Belgian from FC Chelsea.

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