British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is heavily criticized in the government’s report on the “Partygate” affair. Internal investigator Sue Gray repeated her allegations that Downing Street had failed in leadership and judgment in her report released on Wednesday.

Gray had investigated several Downing Street lockdown parties where corona rules had been broken.

“The events I investigated were attended by government leaders,” Gray wrote. “Many of these events should not have been allowed.” Staff assumed they were allowed to attend because senior politicians were also present. “Leadership must be held accountable,” Gray said, adding that events fell far short of expected standards, including “excessive drinking. Many people were “dismayed” by the behavior at the heart of the government, the official wrote.

Johnson wanted to comment on the report in Parliament at noon. The PA news agency reported that he would “take full responsibility for my mistakes” without citing sources. He learned from his mistakes.

The police have now imposed a total of more than 120 penalties on dozens of participants, including Johnson in one case, for violating the rules.

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