Sharon stone shared personal experiences

An interview with the star published a Vogue magazine.

62-year-old actress admitted that after 40 years she was sharper to respond to age-related changes.

“I went to the bathroom with a bottle of wine, locked the door and told myself I will not leave until you can fully accept your body. I started to cry when I see my aging face and body in the mirror. But you are not powerless, you can slow down this process, if you are going to discipline and train a lot,” said stone.

According to the actress, to maintain the figure she dances three or four times a week. In addition, she draws the curtains, to make it easier to Wake up early and not disturb the sleep mode.

Two years ago, stone said that he almost died. In 2001, she was bleeding in the brain then the doctors said that the chance that the star will survive, is five percent. She did not tell colleagues about their stroke, as, according to her, nobody cares about broken people.