Sharon stone/Steve Bing

a Hollywood producer and screenwriter Steve Bing, who recently committed suicide, in life, won the heart of not only Elizabeth Hurley, who bore him a son, but also many other famous Actresses. So, he had Affairs with Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman and Sharon stone. With the latest Bing met in 1990-ies. Yesterday, the 62-year-old stone in the broadcast channel Extra remembered about the ex-boyfriend and told how to react to his death.

This is really hard. It was hard for me to deal with it,

— said the actress.

She added that Bing was a tough man, who, in her opinion, not always done the right thing.

He’s a complicated man, which I think is not always the right decisions. It was very hard,

— said the star.

Recall that the 55-year-old Bing committed suicide by jumping from the 27th floor of the house in which he lived in Los Angeles. According to insiders, the producer suffered from depression, which deepened in the background of the pandemic coronavirus. They say he even sold part of their property and were engaged in mental health issues.

he suffered from mental problems. He often disappeared for a long time. Steve recently sold his plane and the house and was very depressed,

— said the source.

And another added that the close Bing was shocked by his death, but not too surprised, as over the last years, he experienced difficult times.

he suffered from problems with mental health. He didn’t have a strong relationship with children, and it saddened me

he said.

in Addition to his son Damian Elizabeth Hurley, Bing also left a daughter Kira from a tennis player Lisa Bonder.