they had almost lost their lives: Hollywood Star Sharon Stone (61), speaking in an Interview with the U.S. magazine “Variety” about the darkest time of your life. In 2001, Stone had a stroke – as several members of the family in front of her. “My mother and my grandmother suffered a stroke,” says the actress and portrays the extent of their disease: “I had a nine-day brain hemorrhage.”

However, the most severe stage, you must then make it through, explained the “Basic Instinct”Star. Throughout the seven years it took, until they had recovered from the stroke. In the process, they had to simultaneously take out a mortgage on your house and in the middle of the custody dispute with Ex-husband Phil Bronstein (68) to son Roan (19) found.

“have treated The people with me on a brutally rude way. Of the other women in the movie business, right up to the female judge who had dealt with my custody case.” You don’t think anyone understand how dangerous a stroke for women and what it is asking to recover from it, says Stone.

your destiny reminds you of Diana,

not Particularly bad, the consequences in terms of your Hollywood be career have been, explains the Oscar-winning actress: “I had lost my place in the Business. Previously, I was something like the hottest movie star.” Your destiny is to remind you at this time of the of the accident of Princess Diana (†36). “We were so famous – and then she died, and I had a stroke. And we were forgotten,” says the actress.

Today, Sharon Stone is an advocate for the awareness of brain disorders and admonishes to go in case of very severe headache immediately to the hospital: “I’m gone four days late. I just put in my OP is still a one percent chance of Survival.”