Shares of video calling service Zoom has risen by 40% over the week

shares of the company Zoom Video Communications, Inc., providing services of remote conferencing, rising for three consecutive months. Investors believe that Zoom will become one of the few companies which managed to win on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus, according to Bloomberg. Other beneficiaries of the coronavirus at the same time the steel manufacturers of medicines and hygienic products. In particular, during the first two weeks of the epidemic the shares of Japanese Kawamoto, produces medical masks, increased four times.

in early February, when the coronavirus stepped confidently outside of China, the value of the shares of the company-developer of video calling service Zoom has increased by 15% in one day and since then continues to grow.

Shares jumped 22%, traded almost twice average daily volume, which is their biggest one-day percentage gain since June 2019. Six days of Zoom stock has risen more than 40%, and overall for the year, the company’s capitalization has more than doubled to $43,6 billion.

the Company is expensive on a background of unprecedented demand users working from home. Last week representatives of the company announced that the capacity of the service was increased to cope with the influx of customers.

the Number of downloads of the app Zoom increased by 109%, according to Analytics platform Sensor Tower. For the first quarter, as analysts expect, the company will receive an adjusted profit of about 10 cents per share: this is above the forecast by 68% over the last month, and the expected profits to rise by 7.6% for the month. For the year adjusted profit will reach about 44 cents per share on revenue of $917 million. The forecast profit of the company increased by more than 50% over the last month, and consensus estimates on revenue by 5.9% over the same period.

the Researchers note that many companies have made the first steps in the transfer of employees to udalenku, so the explosive growth of the user base is observed at Zoom and Microsoft.

Microsoft announced the decision to make a business video free of coronavirus, or rather because of quarantines, the cancellation of business trips and the desire of large businesses to translate the maximum employees in remote mode. Since March 10, the available free version is a corporate instant messenger Teams. The offer from Microsoft will be valid for six months after activation of the trial period. This option is available for campaigns, medical and educational institutions of China. Now, users and other countries may apply for a free package, but customize it can only be a sales Manager for Microsoft.

the Head of Google, Sundar Pichai, announced earlier on his Twitter that the search engine also decided to make a temporary free all the features of your service corporate video Hangouts Meet. This attraction nevidannoy generosity is very similar to the aggravation of competition in the market for corporate video conferencing. On the one hand, this service is very popular right now: somewhere in a quarantine somewhere canceled the trip, somewhere in the transition to remote work as a precaution, and video calling remains the only way to somehow to work and communicate with colleagues and counterparties.

on the other hand, there is a version that remote mode will be evaluated and when the epidemiological situation is normal, a habit of video will keep. That is, the market will grow, at least investors obviously believe in the best.