Registrars are trying to expand the range of services provided to clients, with the overall reduction in the number of joint stock companies. NRK—R. O. S. T. first conducted through investmentfirma registration of the additional issue shares of the Issuer. Is going to provide similar services in other major Registrar — DRAGA. However, some other market participants do not consider this business profitable.The Registrar NRK—R. O. S. T. registered an additional issue of shares placed through private subscription through the investment platform, told “Kommersant” in the logger. An additional issue of shares of JSC “Tex” was registered on 6 Jul, in the near future the shares will be placed in the accounts of the shareholders. The volume of output in the data logger were not disclosed.According to the Central Bank, as of March 31, 2020 32 Registrar shall maintain registers of 50.7 thousand joint-stock companies. From the beginning of 2020, they were able to register the share issues during the formation of the company (see “Kommersant” on 21 January). In the first quarter they registered 95 releases, whereas at this time there are 117 societies. Additional share issues until recently, recorded only by the Central Bank. The recorders could provide such services using only investmentfirma (see “Kommersant” on 4 June). In this case, the Issuer could place the additional issue in the amount of 1 billion rubles”the Main thing, the interesting issuers— that’s not the price, but the predictability and drastic reduction: the period of registration in the Bank of Russia can reach 15 working days, we have about three working days to check documents and registration”,— says CEO and co-owner NRK—R. O. S. T. Oleg of Zhiznenko. He expects the company will register through this mechanism approximately 100 issues a year.Soon, this service plans and JSC DREDGE, which is going soon to send a set of documents to the Central Bank for inclusion in the registry of operators of investment platforms, told “Kommersant” the General Director of Registrar Maxim Murashov. According to him, the status of the operator investmentfirma will allow the DREDGE to register dopvypuska shares of non-public JSC, but will also give the opportunity to offer new services — to assist in attracting investment and to promote investment for shareholders. Oleg Zhiznenko also recognizes that a significant income in this direction does not expect — about 0.5–1% of revenue (last year revenue of NRK—R. O. S. T. made about 2 billion roubles). “For us it is a competitive advantage in the market, we offer customers the widest range of services and it allows us to build long-term relationships at very different stages of development of their business,” he says.But not all registrars are very positive about the new who��agnosti. According to the head of the Board of Directors of the “New Registrar” Igor Poljakova, the registration of the additional issue through investmentfirma involves “some crooked scheme”, because to make such releases to the Registrar platform is not needed. He expects that, after the Bank will evaluate the activity of companies on the registration of primary issues of shares, he decides that the experiment was a success, and “will give the registrars of record and the secondary issues without linking it to the platform.”In the current economic situation is to work on very long term with questionable economic benefit, said the General Director of the Registrar “the Status” Lyudmila Mironova: “the Market of Registrar services is quite conservative, until we see a request from our customers for this service.” Unknown to many successful examples of entering loggers into new markets, such as the housing sector, the escrow account, the register of creditors.Polina Smorodskaya