There will be drastic measures to grab the child and adult protection authority (Kesb) in the Canton of Bern had to: Because a grandmother did not stop, photos of the seven – year-old granddaughter into the net, although the mother of the child wished so, had to be the authorities actively. First of all, with a Letter, with a threat of punishment, the grandmother should be brought at last to reason. The “Sunday newspaper” reported.

problems with children’s photos on Social media or otherwise on the Internet today are no longer a rarity. Often, steps would have to be, if the parents were estranged and the mother or father requested the deletion of children’s images, explains Charlotte Christener, President of the Kesb in Bern, told the newspaper.

children as an object for Likes

pictures of babies and children floating around on the net by the Thousands. They are not always in advantageous situations depicted. Sometimes parents even funny about your kids and spread the supposed Fun then on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. The new term for this phenomenon is “Sharenting” – a composition of the words “parenting” (guardian) and “sharing” (share). The own children be for parents to useful object, to generate in the Social media comments and Likes.

For the children, this development is not without consequences. In an analysis of the journal “Jusletter” write to data protection expert Sandra Husi-Stämpli and children’s advocate Rita Jedelhauser: “the System of Likes, favors a deeper Penetration, and Violate the privacy of children.” Almost always, when parents post pictures of their children, they would violate their personality rights. The Council of the authors: parents should do away with the need, generally, to the publication of identifiable children’s pictures on the Internet.

the damage for the future

the UN children’s Fund, Unicef has addressed the “Sharenting”. Parents could be damaging to “the reputation of the children”. Unfavorable or degrading recordings could later “harm the credit rating of the children in the economy,” and even in the later bodies, a hindrance to his search. And, not least, children’s photos are a potential danger, since they can also be used by pedophiles abused. (cat)