Shareholder Pavlensky rubbing his hands: France dumbfounded from the actions of self-styled

the Infamous artist Peter Pavlensky was detained in Paris, reports the French press. Russian actionist appeared on the front pages of Newspapers once published the compromising evidence on one of the candidates for mayor of Paris – he had to withdraw his candidacy.

Peter Pavlensky police searched from January 2, 2020 for “robbery with the use of dangerous drugs” in connection with the incident on new year’s night in Paris. During the conflict an artist with a knife wounded two people, his back was hit with a bottle on the head. But now justice has even more questions to the “artist performance”.

on the Eve of the associate of Emmanuel Macron Benjamin Hryvnia was forced to withdraw his candidacy from the elections of the mayor of Paris, after Pavlensky published on the Internet compromising his video.

Pavlensky said that his, “like a Parisian”, is very concerned about the behavior of candidates in town governors, so he intends to continue to seek this kind of compromising of the first persons of the country in 2017, has granted him political asylum. It is known that prior to publishing on the website, which is already locked by the decision of the authorities, Pavlensky tried to attach screenshots in the French media.

Hryvnia promised to submit to the international airport to court, and he was supported by politicians of all spectrum. The current mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said that the need to respect the human right to privacy, the far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon called the incident odious. The far-right leader marine Le Pen said that for the sake of democracy Hryvnia should not withdraw from the election.

Its support for the Hryvnia was expressed by Prime Minister Edward Philip. But interior Minister Christoph Kastner said that the publication of such video is strictly punishable by law. So now Turkey will have to answer for it.

Certainly, I will consider French justice and the fact of the unserved prison sentence for the previous “performance”. In January 2019, the court held in the case of arson the doors of the Bank of France in 2017. Pavlensky was sentenced to three years in prison, 2 of them — conditionally. Period to the present time has not expired.