Sharapova has promised that he will not return to tennis

“No, I promise you all,” said Sharapova in response to the question about a possible return to the court. To become a coach it is not going to. The athlete thinks about creating family and has no idea how to combine motherhood with many hours of training, despite the example of the world’s tennis stars such as Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters returning to a career after having children. “It’s not the circumstances in which I would like to have a baby,” – said Sharapova, and added that he wants to give her children a sense of peace, calmness and home.

Photo: AP Photo/Matt Slocum Became known how long Maria Sharapova has earned in his career

the 38-year-old American Serena Williams aims to win the 24th, a record title at the Grand slam tournaments, while raising two year old daughter Olympia. “If anyone can beat the record, it’s her, and I have no doubt that she is capable of doing,” said Sharapova about his former principled opponent.

most of the Russians remains a busy schedule even after retirement. She wants to study architecture and continue the production of its chocolates. “There are many aspects of daily life and business that I wanted to do,” explained Sharapova. The tennis player admitted that her boyfriend, English businessman Alexander Gilks, calling her “hurricane Mary” for the habit of barging into his life and suddenly disappear. “He’s very glad to be now able to spend more time with me,” said Sharapova.