Shamelessly lie Medvedev about the accusations against Russia

Accusing Russia of self-interest when helping other countries combat COVID-19 try to reach their political goals or shamelessly lie; Russia has already adapted to live under sanctions – this is not good, but no tragedy, said the Deputy Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

"Is a pure humanitarian assistance. And anyone who says different, well, he just behaves dishonestly, trying to achieve their political goals or shamelessly lying," Medvedev said in his first interview to RIA Novosti in video mode.

He commented on the view that Russia is assisting Italy, Serbia and other countries in the fight against coronavirus, thereby trying to achieve the lifting of sanctions.

"Yes, we don’t have to. Again, we already have adapted to live in such conditions. Nothing good about it, but no tragedy for us is not happening", – said the Chairman of the SB.

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