“make Some money really everything” could be heard sobbing Tobi Wegener in the opening credits. So actually all is already said about the concept of the “celebrities under the palm trees”, SAT.1’s latest entertainment format, with ten more or less well-known TV faces.

SAT.1/Richard Hübner Teleschau

“PuP” is a mixture of “Survivor”, “Love Island” and “the summer house of the Stars”: There is the spacious beach Villa, this Time in Thailand. There are 60 cameras that see everything. There is some sort of silly game that really wants to see nobody. And there is a suitably sexy prize (100,000 euros) for the one or the other everything would make or how it scratches the voice over up invented: “you See flaming passion, fun, joy of life and a lot of Leckomio!”

SAT.1/Richard Hübner Teleschau

appearance: Désirée Nick, “the most pointed tongue of the Nation”. As a film star, she strutted through the empty Villa, prized with the inside view of the furniture (“as for me”) and left her Luggage, and then deliberately in the middle of the room: “So, the suitcase is waiting, until some asshole wearing the high.” No one Less than Bastian Yotta will you do later the Favor. The US emigrants struggled, meanwhile, with: “I know you, but I can’t think of the name! Katja Riemann?” Yotta was the Villa “sensational” – of course not as sensational as himself. “The universe is spreading, and I would like to spread me out of here”, salbaderte he ansatzlos in one of the 60 cameras. Where is a black hole when you need it?

SAT.1/Richard Hübner Teleschau blasphemous tongue, Nick is running hot: “I Feel that it is actually banal”

Eva Benetatou (“the Bachelor”finalist) was of Nick with a hearty, condescending “Are you YouTuberin?” is located, before you talked in the Off clear text: “The Eva is a doll, but for a real doll, she is not pretty enough. For my taste, it is actually banal.”

Speaking of the banal: Ronald Barnabas Schill, Hamburg was happy to leave as “judge Merciless” in the bad memories, his Favela in Rio de Janeiro, “in order to make downright cash,” as he freely admitted. “The other participants refuse to eat I make for Breakfast, without my lips greasy to,” was Schill unpleasant image. “Celebrities under the palms” was not there 15 minutes old, had already more Konfro Material gathered as the last two IBES-scales.

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anyone Who anything for money? Who puts his reputation on the line? Who takes the€ 100 000 home? It is exciting starting today at 20:15 in Sat.1 in the case of celebrities Under the palm trees! #celebrity under the palm trees #sat1

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SAT.1/Richard Hübner tele show judge lecher cheer skirt

received a Really nasty – that is great – to let the idea of the Director, the good-natured Ex-painter and varnisher Tobi Wegener on the island with his Ex-girlfriend, Influencerin Janine Pink, collide. Your reaction: “Oh, no! The are also a couple of pigs who want it to be you.” He is not shocked, no less: “I’d like to get back home!”

home after the first episode but then Ennesto Monté, who knew no other matter than his penis extension had to be three times (“total!”), but except for one irritating unanonymen Alkoholkerin Claudia anyone Obert really in the long term, in the – pardon – rod held. Obert, that claims to be a fashion designer, according to Désirée Nick, however, wanted to “just a boutique owner”, knowledge of Monté: “Are you actually in the Guinness book of records with your leg?” We will never know – fortunately!

Later, we saw a ample schickerte Claudia Obert a ample geilt Ronald Schill (first, a completely correct impression of Carina Spack: “The Roland seems like such a little pig”) encouraged, but you like to boldly go under the Baby Doll to long. Since the spit stayed away from the self-Désirée Nick for a short time: “The is Horny!”, she said to blasphemous sister Matthias Mangiapane. She had not previously in its catchment because of an allegedly smeared Make-ups (“I never do that!”) and his “briquette-like” hairstyle and Diss: “You have hair like Kim Jong-un”, keckerte the Nick. Mangiapane was confused: “If I knew now, who is this?”

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SAT.1 / Richard Hübner Teleschau Désirée Nick against Carina Spack: “you help me, if the mean is”

“This Format is the worst in all of us to the fore,” said Ronald Schill surprisingly early. Because the celebrities had already played in two Teams against each other in their stupid little game. At the end of winner-captain Carina Spack had to put two of my colleagues on the hit list: you decided to in addition to Monté for Désirée Nick and knew quickly what is that supposed to mean: “Wrong decisions can have long-term worst consequences,” said the Nick and sent icy looks in the direction of the Ex-“Bachelor”contestant.

The begging it got to do with fear: “you help me, when the will now mean”, you Yotta and Janine Pink to Support. At the end of the good man Tobi saved the woman, “with me very much connects”. A prediction: In the final, will he and Désirée Nick again: Good versus Evil. There’s no question who will win the duel in times of Corona.

SAT.1 / Richard Hübner tele show

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