in times of crisis are times of Executive. Therefore, the Approval of members of the government to shoot straight into the height. Whether it is for the Chancellor, your Minister of health or Minister Markus Söder. Also the Union as a Whole, in surveys strong. Who does not benefit is the Opposition, the Greens, are about to slip in the polls rapidly. A weird image for the SPD: it provides for the Management of the crisis, key Minister and also some of the Prime Minister. However, it remains stable at lean values of around 15 percent.

SPD-Chefs dazzle coalition partners

may be it is understandable that the SPD leaders want to Ensure good mood among the Comrades and members of the government praise. In a letter from Saskia esque and Norbert Walter-Borjans, it is according to “Bild”newspaper, among other things: “There are well-developed, especially our strong Ministers, the proposals and now pace, so that the consequences of the crisis remain limited.” This sentence is followed by the listing of the merits of some SPD Ministers.

This letter is remarkable and the bizarre even shows an example of the understanding and the downright embarrassing political course of the two upper enjoyed.

By esque and Walter-Borjans, nickname Nowabo – the SPD Minister as highlight, hide completely the coalition partner, which plays a not insignificant role. But as a gift, would make other party leaders in such a letter might also be similar.

Much more amazing is that you ignore this exuberant Minister-praise fully, that you were always a great opponent of this government, and hardly a good hair of the Grand coalition have left. Now they seem to be quite happy that the SPD Minister key can soft make the findings.

esque and Walter-Borjans, contradict, in part,

And even if esque and Walter-Borjans, it, apparently, avoid praising yourself in this letter: Strangely it seems that, of all things, this two people to use the existing merits of the SPD – Ministers for themselves, to make good mood. Because esque and Nowabo contribute just barely evident to the crisis management, since none of the two holds any government office.

Rather, they fall on in the past few days, so that, in the assessment of this crisis management with each other and even to disagree. As esque said a few days ago, via Twitter: “I am convinced that As a free society we need a curfew. Most of the people behave reasonably, responsibly and in solidarity. We should not compromise!“

her boss-Partner-Walter-Borjans, lurched at the question. First he attacked Markus Söder in an Interview. Who do like Söder, as he had a patent recipe, sprinkle the citizens of Sand in the eyes. However, in the same interview he gave Söder, indirectly, also right: There is evident to many citizens that are not in the situation, “a life-threatening danger to themselves and others to stay away.” And anyway, unlike esque Walter-Borjans says on the subject of the Shutdown: “When the Gentiles continues to endanger your life and the lives of others, not the countries around it.”

“No further ambition“

But that’s not enough. Also in another topic the tip are enjoyed with an amazing swirl-course: on the question of the candidacy for Chancellor.

In December, Walter-Borjans said that his party wants to put up a candidate for Chancellor, as soon as the SPD in opinion polls was at 20 percent. Now he is in an Interview with the “taz” : “asked the SPD and a candidate for Chancellor, if the election is to take place before 2021?” Answer Nowabo: “Yes, we would.” 20-Percent Limitation? There is nothing more.

Before the election, the SPD Chairman, Walter-Borjans, was asked whether he would be a candidate for self-exclusive. At the time, he said: “It is clear that such a question can not be used on a Vorsitzendenduo over answered. If someone takes himself out of the game, weakens the own Position.“

Now, T spoke to him “Online” on the topic. Clear statement Nowabo: “I do not seek the candidacy for Chancellor currently. I am also esque as Saskia does not become party leader, to come in other Offices.“

esque assists: “We are determined to make the SPD as a recognizable and credible social-democratic, creative force in this country to be visible and strong. This task is big enough, and I have no further ambitions.“

The facilitated sigh, many of the SPD are almost palpable. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease