With the reporting companies even begin to leave mothers after the maternity leave, has razor-GLANCE this week in a wasps nest. Several dozen women came forward and told with anger in your stomach your story. Their hope: that the employer understand how much it hurts the mothers-discrimination, and that the stops .

Apparently, this is arrived in the case of some employers, at least in the case of the associations. Of the Swiss employers Association (SAV) is the name of it, one could not understand such redundancies. “Employers should be looking for with the mothers early in the conversation and a mutually optimal solution to avoid termination,” says SAV-speaker Fredy Greuter.

And trade Association Director Hans-Ulrich Bigler (60), so far, certainly not as a Feminist is not known to even says: “This is all about, an absolute No-Go! I assume that these heads have no children.”

he sees the challenges that exist with mothers: “you need breaks for Breast-feeding, you need to pick the kids up sometimes before the end of the shift from the hoard, you have to stay for a sick child also at home. Yes, the employer must, in the short term provide the victims, especially if the children are still quite small.”

Biglers tip: Early

But all of this are not reasons to dismiss a Person. Instead, there is a long-term many benefits if you can show flexibility: “It is for the most companies is more expensive, a new Person, than to show up at a experienced Person flexible. The current shortage of skilled workers it needs to remain as an employer for the employees to be attractive – the protection of the Mother can sign.” In addition, satisfied workers showed a significantly better performance.

Now, all of this for SMEs is to implement the boss harder than to preach for a Union boss. However, Bigler explains how he reactivated in the SGV even a Pensioner, in order to replace the loss of a mother during a couple of months. As these returned, returned to her stand-in retirement.

“This was only possible because she had told me early on of her pregnancy,” says Bigler. “This is extremely important so that you can find a solution together.”

Beautiful piece of advice, Mr Bigler, but many women are afraid to lose the Job right, if you tell your Boss about it. “I can understand that, really. But at some point you have to tell it to the boss anyway, but sooner rather than later.”

women who want to work after the birth of the child, you must always take more. Discrimination because of pregnancy or maternity to take.

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