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read Perhaps he would have to make the topic better to rest, perhaps he would have supplanted it after the model of the Church better, especially since he, himself, was the worst hit victims. Definitely him and his wife would have stayed a lot of suffering.

Stephan Kohn is now 56 years old. 33 years ago, in 1985, he began to fight back against an abuse perpetrator. Since he was a student at the night school, now he works in the Federal Ministry of the interior, is himself a family man, you’d think he did it. But what does that mean, if one has not experienced abuse, not only cover-up, but also workup? Stephan Kohn says: “I regret that I opened the mouth. But the handling of the Church since then has only reinforced what I knew as the feeling against the offender already fainting.” Only in the tough, Church-braked workup process, he learned that suffering that he did not have before.

Stephan Kohn was 23, when he went with his then-girlfriend to an Evangelical parish priest of his confidence to reveal themselves and to ask for assistance. The Co-pastor, namely, at the same time, the stepfather of Stephen Kohn, had him and also the friend abused. But above all, he needed the younger brothers of Kohn and other young people from the municipality and partly solid. The had found out Stephan Kohn and decided, against the perpetrators, 1986 in Ahrensburg.

Stephan Kohn, 56, Anselm’s brother, is fighting since 1986 against the Concealment of abuse. © Ludwig Ander-Donath for THE TIME

the whole extent of the abuse emerged only decades later. Because the priest and the stepfather proved to be a serial offender, had abused dozens of Dependent failure, the Co-pastor serving as Vertuscher, not to mention had every reason to, because he needed ward to miss. Those who believe now, in retrospect, Ahrensburg, was an extreme, isolated case that is taught since 2014 a Worse, namely, by an independent study of the North Church, in order Kirsten Fehrs given by Bishop: This study documented not only abuse, but also year-long power-protected to Deny the ecclesiastical environment. They also documented how victims were pitted against each other. The principle of “perpetrator protection of victim protection” was by no means only a Catholic Problem.

In the case of Ahrensburg, the victim fought back to 2010 in a data initiative. Stephan Kohn says, the Bitterest is that to have among themselves divided, even among the brethren. The responsibility, he looks at the powerful Act of the Church, even the Bishop Fehrs he had experienced several times.

His brother Anselm Kohn, now 48, is also father of a family, agrees with him. “We are Concerned were in 2010, when the Church hierarchy welcome, as long as we praised the new refurbishment agenda. As soon as you exercised, but a criticism, was to cut. We were manipulated and each other cleaved.” Be charge also goes to the Bishop. “Before you came into office, has done the Church so much. Why you more about us? Why are we the only guests in the workup of the orchestra?” Anselm Kohn networked 2010, the victims of Ahrensburg, founded with them, and his brothers, a first Initiative. Not only the cover-up, the processing by the Evangelical Church have left injuries, at least the should be given. “And why would we not be included, if it comes down to it?”

This article dates back to the TIME no 47/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

For example, this week in Würzburg. As the Synod of the EKD talk about abuse awareness held met and Kirsten Fehrs, a Program that has been consulted is not a relevant representative. On demand of the TIME, it was, you’ve had a Synod properly, only two hours for the application and the debate. – Then it is probably time to reform the Synodal order. Even the conference of bishops, yet not for your good contact to enlightenment activists to be known, had invited the concerned representative Matthias Katsch as a speaker, as she presented in September their study on the sexual abuse.

Why fear the truth? In the study of the North Church, it was also a matter of. One of the authors, the lawyer Petra Ladenburger, had to deal first with cases of abuse in the Catholic Aloisius-Kolleg, about the abuse in the Protestant Church says today: “I thought I change from the hierarchical, authoritarian System of the Jesuits to the more grassroots democratic-liberal System of the Protestants.” However, the powerful perpetrators of strategies and the dynamics within the Institution are very similar. Download Burger and colleagues criticized in the study, among other things, the disciplinary procedures of the Evangelical Church and dealing with the pastoral care. “Up to the time of the investigation, Church authorities not supervisors separated between their role as chaplains and Service. In addition, it showed that abuse can have in the pastoral care of a great drama such as the abuse in therapy.” Another Problem: There is a risk that a high level of commitment of Church workup, responsible is understood as a private and Concerned creates false expectations. At the same time, the reappraisal of the mechanisms of which remain obscure, that have affected, at the time, the amount of the compensation payments. A possible consequence: the division within groups of victims.