It is tricky, if one compares the sexuality in a long-term relationship with sexuality in the first few months. Because when you’re newly in love, like Sex to be quite a “daily Fun”. But to expect that the remains permanently so, as if you buy a puppy and then is disappointed that he remains a life-long, equal-hearted.

accept the fact that Sex changed. It takes approach with the time another, that desire in everyday life grows. It is necessary to create a suitable framework to take time, needs to be creative.

Apparently your girlfriend is annoying, if you bring the topic of Sex to the language. It sounds like you would be in the moments, in a completely different Film. This may be an indication that you do to research or the Timing is not right. Or that your girlfriend is just very stressed and Sex is another obligation which must be fulfilled.

Agreed to a conversation in a quiet Moment. Trying to make Sex something Common. But you have each other there to pick up where you are standing, with the actions that fit in this relationship phase and you now good.

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