Franziska Schutzbach: Donald Trump has ensured that it is socially more accepted to argue racist. He carries a responsibility, but it is the only reason. Since many factors play a role.

Sure, but it is too easy to show only the right scapegoat and that’s it. At us it is criticized, for example, always Andreas Glarners actions and incitement from then but at the same time: He was just an extreme example. A Outlier.

it’s not. The potential for hatred is in all of us. Each of the Fourth, according to studies in Switzerland, xenophobic attitudes. What makes Glarner, is on an extreme Level provocative, but it taps something that is absolutely common. We push the Problem of hatred the likes of us.

This has many reasons. For example, sympathy, because you work with devaluation. By claiming that foreigners would take “us” a little, activate prejudices. Negative feelings and threat scenarios remain rather than fact-based arguments. Orban, Salvini or Glarus – they all operate a rhetoric of fear, and made wide the limits of the sayable, it is still so hurtful or facts free. You will be criticized for it, slip into the victim role – à la wool you that said, allegedly, the Only truth, to shut up.

This is just in Switzerland a mistake. Many choose not to out of desperation, right wing. But because it is good for you and you want their benefits, their wealth secure.

Lübcke killed, had been engaged for refugees. In comparison, we are a walk in the Park. You could claim: thanks to SVP! Your right of course you that can strengthen in Switzerland, a right-wing party .
the question is: can the taming that’s just because the SVP itself is offering more and more extreme positions? The current election poster shows it again: Since all of the parties, do not belong to the SVP will be represented, as a vermin, which eats through an Apple. This Apple image is familiar to you only by the Nazis.

I’m not throwing them in a pot. I analyze their rhetorical similarities. The fact is that the party programs show that the SVP is in many Parts so right like an AfD. And the SVP is the pioneer of the European right-wing populism. This has highlighted the historian Damir Skenderovic. She was a conservative bourgeois party, until they discovered Blocher of the right-wing populism for themselves. This gave her the breakthrough. Today, she gets regular applause from Marine Le Pen and AfD politicians.

Yes, it would be wrong, all SVP-politician as a right-wing, populist classified. Many of them belong to the conservative camp.

I can be provocative and populist. But Rudolf Strahm applied across the Board: He is not able to distinguish whether someone is proclaimed racism, or if someone criticizes exactly the vehemently.

my Partner and I place a high value on equality. Both households, both educate. We don’t communicate very much, otherwise go. Add to that that the children are getting older and independent.

I had the feeling that it was bad for the child, if it’ll care for foreign. Then I realized that I couldn’t study without the crib and the child was always happy to go home. It had to be so constantly with me, in order to be happy. In the manger there were other children and a lot of program. It is crucial, however, that My Partner is a very emancipated man. He comes from Scandinavia, where shared Parenting is something quite Normal. He wanted to be an active father. That influenced me very much.

My daughter was a Barbie Fan. Totally pink, from the top to the bottom of the Princess. I have not noticed in the education quickly, that it works when I have a concept in your head. The children tick always different, as you would like. Luckily! The Only thing I have tried was to strengthen their self-confidence.

I told my daughter that I think Barbie is so cool that she is too thin for me and women appearance but in reality not so. At the same time, I have encouraged you to for your own opinion and Position to stand up. Also against me. You did not at the time actually, and didn’t get angry, of course, very pleased that I found the Barbie so great as you.

Our teachers told us earlier: We have fought for you to the woman the right to vote and the equality act, your Generation can now sit back and reap the rewards. This is what I thought until I became a mother I became. I was a student and couldn’t afford the care of a third party hardly. The woman’s strike has debunked the myth that gender equality is.

Exactly, it was clear that although a lot has been won, but women continue to earn less than men, that violence against women is a big Problem. Or that it is in need of affordable daycare and Parental leave. The country has witnessed the woman strike a Repoliticization. The women’s movement is currently the most powerful social movement that will change the Switzerland. Suddenly a lot of young women are once again politically active. And urge them also to the Parliament.

It hurts, to deal with these issues. If certain feminist claims to be implemented in the future, changes the society fundamentally. It goes to the prize: family models, the promotion of women in the economy – and it makes the question of the equality of sexuality is not even in front of our bedroom shut.

Because each and every need and question everything and change something. All need to consider, for example, whether you have behaved already grip. Women. It’s not about the Monster that jumps out of the Bush and raped. The majority of Assaults happen among people who know each other – be it in family or in relationships.

Franziska Schutzbach (41) is a sociologist, a gender researcher, and writer. She is teaching at the University of Basel and a member of the equality Commission of Basel-city. Just your book is published “the rhetoric of The Right”. In it, she deals with right-wing populism. Her next book is about the history of black women in Biel and appeared in the spring of 2020. Before #MeToo, it launched an outcry on the Social Media action #Switzerland. Grew up in Schutzbach in the Bieler Seeland. Today, she lives with her Partner, her son and her daughter in Basel.

Through verbal abuse on Twitter to occasional death threats. And then there were hateful media campaigns of the “Basler Zeitung” (BaZ) and the “world week” against me. But I also get a lot of support. Also from the male side. I’m sure not a victim.

The attacks have encouraged me to not let me intimidate you, and my own political will not to give up. That would be exactly what you want to achieve such campaigns and attacks Yes.

I’m uridealistisch, have a justice fetish. My Partner makes sometimes fun of me, because I give every beggar money. Even as a ten year old, I founded an environmental group – the “Green rabbit”. My life sure would be sometimes easier if I was more indifferent.