The first finalist of the Europa League became the Spanish “Seville”. A few days after the victory in the quarterfinals over “Wolverhampton”, she again beat English club “Manchester United”, who scored first early in the match, but then conceded two goals. In the final rival Sevilla, the most titled participant of the tournament in its history, will be inter Milan or Shakhtar Donetsk, who will meet on Monday.”Seville” not just was initially one of the favourites to win this Europa League. It remains, incidentally, will long remain the most titled club in the history of this tournament, which was won five times. However, in the four years since the last European success Sevilla, it has been six head coaches, and current, Julen Lopetegi, has nothing to do with those victories irrelevant. Yes, and players from part of the 2016 team is almost gone. But for “Manchester United”, the winner of the Europa League three years ago, still perform and goalkeeper David de GEA, and a few other key players such as midfielder Paul Pogba, forwards Anthony Marsali and Marcus Rashford. And all of these artists have star status, entered the field from the first minute. That is Sevilla, of course, had to solve a much more serious problem than in recent quarters. Then she creaked, scoring the only goal in the end, defeated another, much less known representative of the English Premier League is “Wolverhampton”.Rachford, in fact, organized the first goal. However, opened the scoring with a penalty in the 9th minute, Bruno Fernandes, but the violation in their penalty area the defenders “Seville” made it to the Englishman. After that, the rivals exchanged dangerous moments unrealized, and to break the situation was already equal. Chic attack “Seville” which has evolved on the left flank, completed the strike one touch its a right winger Suso. Defense MJ watched it blow from the side.The second half began with the release of Mason Greenwood to Seville goalkeeper Yassin Boone almost one on one. But born in Montreal goalkeeper, who plays for the Morocco national team, took the upper hand in this duel. Then MJ made a real assault on the gate, “Seville” also yielded no result. And went to a game with mutual chances, although frankly scoring chances were not.In such a situation, a goal could only arise out of nothing. And he arose. When in the 78th minute Sevilla began its next attack, hardly anyone could imagine how it will end. But it so happened that Jesus Navas was very successful horse from the right flank, and the defender of Manchester United, Victor Lindelof slept of de Jong, who, being behind him, sent the ball into the goal David de GEA. All attempts MYU pensesti the game into extra time were not successful. Thus, in the final, which will take place on 21 August, ibid., in Cologne, will play Sevilla. Her opponent will be determined tomorrow in düsseldorf, in the other semifinal, between Milan inter and Shakhtar Donetsk.Eugene Fedyakov