as a result of heavy Floods in Sicily have died more people. Divers have recovered on Sunday night, nine bodies from a flooded country house, informed the local fire brigade. Thus, the number of dead rises to at least 30 people.

people crashed in the vicinity of Palermo in Casteldaccia. There was a river rose sharply. The dead according to media reports, members of two families, among the Victims also children should be. “A terrible tragedy has hit us,” said the mayor of Casteldaccia, Giovanni Di Giacinto. The river had been the city never dangerous.

according to police reports, two more people were found dead in their vehicle. In Vicari had also been a body found.

For the past week, large parts of Italy affected by strong rain, storm and Thunderstorm. The Wind storms of up to 180 kilometers per hour across the country, he has caused large areas destroyed, roads were buried by landslides. In many places, electricity and drinking water are missing. On Sunday, interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants to visit the affected Region of Veneto.