Several teips of Ingushetia supported the boycott against Putin's amendments to the Constitution

several Ingush clans (genera), with tens of thousands of people boycott the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. In addition to the tape Ozdoeva, which is one of the largest, oldest and most influential in the country, open letters to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who initiated a constitutional reform, wrote a clans Bekovich, Agievich, Holhol (Blasphemy), Shukalovich, Mestoeva. At the meeting of the Council of teips supported the boycott of the clans Torshhoev and Aushev, told the “Caucasian knot” co-Chairman of the Board Murad Dickiev.

“the structure of civil society of Ingushetia, the term “tape” is of great importance. Refusal to participate in the referendum, said large and reputable clans. Only kind of Hula brings together representatives of the 47 names and numbers more than 40 thousand people”, – said President of the Foundation for assistance to earlier deported peoples Alikhan ahilgov.

“We just spoke of pain and want to be heard”, – explained in an interview with DW, a representative of one of the clans, who asked about anonymity out of fear for their safety. “There are words you can’t say human rights are violated at every step, but I do not live in peace the pain is from how much we suffered, how badly we were treated. Our grandfathers, fathers evicted, now no one listens to us,” complained the source.

According to the “Caucasian knot”, the elders of the clans Agiewich after the call to Putin has received threats from the security forces. Murad Dickiev reported that the security forces “renewed conversations” with elders and other “protest” clans. Dashkeeva started administrative proceedings after he posted on the website of the Council of clans, the call to boycott the vote.

“to find Fault with the fact that the activities of the Council of teips of Ingushetia identical to the activities held by the organization, the Council of teips of the Ingush people, which was suspended by the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation for Ingushetia in 2019. Also in Prosecutor’s office as violations ofnie noted that the management of the organization remained the same, and the address has not changed,” explained Dickiev.

the Activist said that in such case administrative case needs to be brought in respect of the FSB leadership that works in the building on Lubyanka square, where at various times housed the Cheka, OGPU, NKVD and KGB.

the discontent of the Ingush cause the failure of the law “On rehabilitation of repressed peoples”, mass persecution of protesters against the agreement on the border with Chechnya and is offered in the constitutional amendment clarifying that “constituent peoples” are Russian.

“what the Constitution gives us, the small peoples? What we form in this country? 250 years ago the Ingush joined Russia. In the hope that the state guarantees the preservation of their lands, territories, language, culture. Therefore, he took the Russian citizenship. But in the end for faithful service selected the Suburban district and has stolen 15% of the territory of Ingushetia in favor of Chechnya. So what kind of Constitution for what kind of corrections we are asked to vote?” – outraged representative of the teip Bekovich.

In the Republic also fear the revival of the Chechen-Ingush Republic, that is, the fact that Ingushetia will lose their statehood, and the meager powers, and the President, having virtually unlimited power, will be able without a referendum to unite and to enlarge the territory.

“the Only amendment that has long been needed to enter and which has ripened in connection with a miserable pension and the constant rise in food prices and housing is an amendment on indexation of pensions, allowances and other social payments. All the other amendments of a political nature is the strengthening of Putin’s power,” – said the President of the Foundation of assistance to formerly deported peoples.

the Head of the human rights society “memorial” in the North Caucasus Oleg Orlov doubted that the boycott of voting on amendments in Ingushetia will be universal, and the members of the clans who refused it Uchto estvovati, polls do not go to the polling stations. At the same time, he noted that the statements of clans is part of the protest movement in Ingushetia are not suppressed and exhausted.

“Ingushetia has become of the most free in the region, at least in the North Caucasus, in the usual repressive region where any dissent is suppressed. Take to the streets people can’t right now, but the unjust arrests increase protest potential” – concluded the eagles.