Children living with coronasmittede, should be flat, it sounds from the three municipalities that defies the guide.

Several municipalities are defying the official guidelines from the national board of Health and will leave children and adults living with a coronasmittet, be allowed to stay home from day care and school.

It is, according to for Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense Municipality.

Children and ungerådmand in Odense, denmark Susanne Crawley Larsen (R) confirm to Ritzau, that the municipality recommends that children with coronaramte family members do not show up.

– It creates uncertainty in the forældregruppen, which otherwise is positive in relation to that we reopen Denmark and starts with the schools and day care.

– And we want to create safety and security around the reopening, she says about the reason for the decision.

In the National guidelines says otherwise, that you as well can get in day care or school, although a person in the household has been found to be contaminated with Covid-19.

– Who are encouraged, however, that in such cases particular attention to comply with the national board of Health recommendations for the behaviour and be particularly aware of the symptoms of the illness and stays at home, if you get the symptoms. Persons who leave the household should wash their hands just before the home is vacated, it says in the guide for schools.

But also not in the country’s second largest municipality, Aarhus Municipality, you can recommend that children with a coronasmittet member of the family, the meetings of the institution or school.

– It is about ensuring the most comfortable start-up as possible. It has filled much of the forælderorganisationer and professional organisations, and we are confident that our recommendation would mean that reopening is going to be better for all, says the councillor for children and young people in Aarhus Municipality, Thomas Medom (SF) for TV2.

Several parties believe, according to the tv station, that the health authorities should change the guideline.

It applies to SF, Left, Danish people’s Party and The Radical Left.