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This will help to strengthen testkapasiteten, ” says head of department, Line Violence at the Norwegian institute of public health.

Friday 13. march hastegodkjente the u.s. government, a new test to be able to detect koronasmitte. The new test, cobas SARS-CoV-2, came to us on Wednesday of last week.

on Tuesday, takes the Oslo university hospital in the use of machines that can analyze the tests.

Testkapasiteten doubled

Fredrik Müller is head of the department of microbiology at OUS.

Photo: Lise Merete Olaussen / NRK

The new machine, which will only be used to koronatesting, coming from St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim.

There it was just taken out of use. It should be returned because the hospital had changed the supplier.

the Machine can provide answers to more than 1400 tests in a day.

In addition, OUS a similar machine from before. It is used among other things to the hiv testing. Also this can now be used to koronatester, around 600 in the afternoon, evening and night.

– will the two machines be able to provide answers on the 2000 koronatester when we get started with the operation day around. It says Fredrik Müller, who is the director at the department of microbiology at OUS.

Employees have been on the

until now the analysis of the tests has been resource-intensive. The department believed at first that it could provide answers to 700 tests a day.

– Employees have been on from morning to night and displayed an impressive effort with analysis of up to 1100 tests daily, ” says Müller.

He believes this is in excess of what they can accomplish, since much must be done manually.

But the last time they got up to 1600 tests in a day. Then some had to be left to the day after. Now open up new opportunities.

– I think it can be challenging to keep up both the old and the new routine, ” says Müller.

Such is the way of an answer

The new Roche test for the koronaviruset in the course of a short time been approved for nødbruk by helsekriser that the world now faces.

Photo: Roche

When people are tested, ironed a brush in the nose and in the mouth. The brush is put down in a reagent tube with the liquid and be transported to the hospital.

Here is the brush removed and the liquid transferred to a different reagent tube by a robot. Then ports it in testmaskinen.

It is pressed on the start button. After three and a half to four hours to get the answer.

Three machines in Norway

Testmaskinen cobas 6800 from the pharmaceutical company Roche can give answers of up to 1440 koronatester in a day.

Photo: Roche

in Total, there are three machines of type cobas 6800 here in the country. OUS have two of them. The third is nyanskaffet and placed in the hospital akershus university Hospital in Lørenskog.

the Computer is now mounted. The hospital can’t currently answer on when this is in operation.

The last time orderlies analyzed between 500 and 1000 samples a day at the Hospital. Also here, the machine will provide greater capacity.

Testregimet be considered

Line Violence is the director of the Norwegian institute of public health.

Photo: NRK

Even though these machines can analyze very many tests at once, does not mean automatically that more are being tested.

– This is a piece in there to make up the capacity for testing. It increases the capacity on the part of the testing. But testing is not only depending on production capacity, says the head of the Line Violence at the Norwegian institute of public health.

– It is also depending on the type of that they have the personnel to test and that one has smittevernutstyr in place for those who are going out to test and a number of other factors.

Avdelingsdirektøren in the Norwegian institute of public health says that they so far have concentrated on to discover the infection in healthcare workers and vulnerable groups where it is most important to get effective measures. But she also highlights:

– We do ongoing assessments testregimet.

the Struggle for the tests

Thorbjørn Halvorsen is the medical responsible in the Roche Diagnostics Norway.

Photo: Levent Ultanur

Koronatesten cobas SARS-CoV-2 and analysemaskinen cobas 6800 is made of bioteknologiselskapet Roche.

– the Computer recognizes the genetic material from the koronaviruset in samples from the patient. It’s looking for two different areas in the genetic material of the virus. If one area is changed, the machine will recognise the other.

It says Thorbjørn Halvorsen, medical responsible at Roche Diagnostics Norway.

He can also explain it in a simpler way.

– If you are looking for a hand, you can see both the thumb and forefinger. If you recognize a thumb, you know that there is a hand.

– do you Recognize a forefinger, you know that there is a hand. So even if the thumb is missing, you will know that it is a hand because you will recognize the index finger.

Roche Diagnostics Norway informs that there is a great interest for the new tests and analysemaskinene all over the world.

But they stress that this is just one of many testformer and that it is the sum total of of importance.

Roche Diagnostics Norway can not answer how many koronatester of this new type who have come here to the country.

the Test consists of a reagent tube with chemical substances that reveal whether the testee is infected by koronaviruset SARS-CoV-2.

It is a struggle to get enough of these going forward.

the Challenge is that all countries want this at the same time. We work with you to get the most possible tests to Norway, ” says Thorbjørn Halvorsen.

Furst has spare capacity

The private laboratory Fürst conducting koronatester for doctor’s offices, emergency rooms and nursing homes throughout the country.

the Laboratory has the ability to run 2.500 Corona tests in a day. The capacity is built up the last time.

Fürst has had additional internal training. They have also invested in new methods that provide a broader access of chemical substances (reagents), which is needed to get answers on koronatester. They can work three shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But the current capacity is not utilized fully. The record date on the number of tests on a day is 610.

Håvard Selby Ebbestad is the managing director of the Fürst Medical Laboratory.

Photo: NRK

This is due to the guidelines for who should be tested, as well as the fact that many doctor’s office have reduced capacity due to quarantines and disease, ” says managing director Håvard Selby Ebbestad.

Are you critical of the guidelines?

not necessarily.

Although Fürst today has enough reagents to run the analysis, it can be a lack of this going forward. The reagents produced abroad.

– In addition, it has been reported that there is a lack of sampling equipment out in the health service now.

– We don’t know how deliveries are progressing, but we have good sampling equipment that we send out to doctors ‘offices as needed,” says Ebbestad.

the WHO: All suspected koronatilfeller need to be tested

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