In the Spanish capital in need of assistance 82 thousand people. They can’t afford to buy any food or daily necessities. Survive thanks to the help of various associations of neighbours, social services. Some of them give vouchers for various products themselves or packages, while others handed out free Lunches, which are prepared in the kitchens closed schools and even in restaurants. It is not only social centers but also in churches and even theatres. And such situation not only in Madrid. In Barcelona is even worse. There is the need to help 120 thousand people. Residents of the district of La Mina is one of the poorest in the city – foraged mainly street trading. After the introduction in the country of quarantine they were left without a livelihood.

Over the last two months the number of unemployed in Spain increased by 950 thousand people – to a record 5.2 million. Just as many residents of Spain are now receiving unemployment benefits. “My son has disabilities and I was out of work for two and a half months,” says Julian, who came in search of a better life in Spain from Romania a few years ago. 26-year-old Spanish woman, a single mother, Sylvia, who lost their jobs due to the closure of the store, saves only help the football team, which plays her son. And such as they are, tens of thousands. In addition, many are unable to register as unemployed, because they do not have all the necessary documents : before the crisis, they worked without a contract .

As noted in the Spanish Federation of food banks, the current crisis mainly affected those who lived semi-legally. In the coming months, the Spanish authorities expect queues in front of banks of food will only grow.

“Eat all you want!” – such a call made in the UK local farmers and trade organizations, overstocked unprecedented harvest of sweet strawberries. British citizens, who lost during the quarantine period, their vitamin a reserves, it is strongly recommended to go to the shops and buy pounds of juicy berries.

I Must admit that strawberries and cream in these parts is considered to be a kind of aristocratic entertainment, which is usually served at wedding celebrations and tennis tournament Wimbledon. It is known that tennis fans eat during the tournament about 33 tons of this elegant treats. Of course treat it at home. But this time the strawberry season is decidedly not lucky. The Wimbledon tournament was canceled, weddings postponed, the home ceased to invite guests. For farmers who raised sweet berry, the epidemic of the coronavirus ended in real disaster: it turned out that strawberries have no one to collect, and that it was likely to rot in the fields. Traditional seasonal workers who have for years delivered on ALBion for the period of harvest, this time owing to the epidemic did not arrive.

I Reached that farm workers from Eastern European countries began to smuggle charters to the aid of British farmers in raising berries, vegetables and fruits. In particular, it is expected the arrival in Britain of the first 150 pickers of strawberries and other fruit vegetables. Meanwhile the government’s Department for environment, food and agriculture of Britain appealed to the British to “help harvest”. The President of the National Farmers Union Minett Butters summed up the situation with a strawberry with the words: “This market is gone…” . However, it soon became clear that strawberry drama erupted not only on overgrown sweet berry fields, but in the local supermarkets. Despite the call to “Naleta, cheaper!” it turned out that prices for strawberries-2020 is not only not declined, but rather increased. Deceived sly is a British buyer from strawberry refused. So miserably ended the season in the fashion industry, the season of delicious and healthy berries.

Prepared (London)