The beautiful women of Hollywood prove that 50 is the new 30. Seven of the most Famous of the Beauty squad celebrate in 2019 the round birthday. Your recipes for a flawless Appearance, ranging from the phone-turn Off the water drinking to be in love. And if that doesn’t help alone, there are still chemical and surgical interventions.

Jennifer Aniston made on the 11. February the the beginning. With 50, she says, “life is exciting”. Who looks as young as you has a good talk: “You have to grow old in beauty and on his skin.”

“A woman is interesting if she comes in the years,”

Renée Zellweger is on 25. April it. Your comment: “I think a woman is even more interesting, when she comes in the years to come.” In connection with her rumors of cosmetic surgery appear regularly. Zellweger has denied just now again open to the public.

Cate Blanchett celebrates on the 14th. May. Your tip on how you can turn the clock back: “Give up Social Media. This makes ten years younger.” And to avoid wrinkles, “you have to leave the phone for 20 minutes, enough to relax the face”.

Jennifer Lopez you can on 24. July to congratulate you. The secret of their Looks: “You have to take the time to do something about it. Sometimes I like to go to the Gym. But I force myself. Because I know that I’m not be pleased with me if I do.”

“happiness is the best tonic,”

Catherine Zeta-Jones has the same birthday as her husband, on 25. September. However, Michael Douglas is 25 years older than you. She speaks for both of them: “Happy is the best tonic to keep us young.” What also helps: “drink water. So much how to do it.” Beauty-OPs you fucking but not generally. “When someone feels better, it’s his thing.”

Gwen Stefani may 3 at the. October a “Happy Birthday” from your friend, Country Star Blake Shelton (42), sing. To fall in love, she explains, “has the same effect as a face lift”. And very important: “With the sun you have to be careful. Otherwise, you can see the consequences later.”

Ellen Pompeo makes on 10. November the completion of the 50s series. The TV Doctor also holds nothing of beauty-OPs: “In the’ 20s and ‘ 30s a man is obsessed with good-looking, because you have no other wisdom.” Now she is wise enough to know “that aging is a privilege”.