women in mini-skirts, torch fire, motorcades: So happy Istanbul celebrated in the night of Monday the electoral victory of Ekrem imamoğlu (49). The opposition candidate is the new mayor of the metropolis.

had to admit that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gritting his teeth, he congratulated the election winners on Twitter: “The national will has been shown today once more. I would like to congratulate Ekrem imamoğlu, the unofficial results according to which the election has been won.”

Erdogan has played – and lost

Imamoglus victory is a bitter defeat for Erdogan and his ruling AKP party. Already in April, the opposition politicians had against the former Prime Minister and AKP candidate Binali Yildirimdie the nose in front. However, Erdogan did not accept the result.

The elections on Sunday were to Eigengoal for the President. Imamoğlu, candidate of the Republican people’s party, CHP, won the election, even higher than expected: According to the state news Agency Anadolu and counting of almost all votes he came in on Sunday at around 54 percent, his opponent Yildirim, only around 45 percent. Today is Monday, the final results should be fixed.

His opponent was hugging radiated Erdogan

imamoğlu, as he appeared on Sunday before hundreds of thousands of supporters in Istanbul. He had scored in the election campaign, with his mediating Art and the Slogan “Everything is very good” and a sign against the polarisation in the country. His strategy: give each other a hug.

Even on Erdogan, the newly elected mayor went on Sunday and said he wanted to visit the President soon. “I’m ready, in harmony, to cooperate with you and ask then. This I proclaim in front of all the Istanbulern,” he said.

For Erdogan, this was the “fate choice”

This is likely to exclude Erdogan sour regurgitation. He had called imamoğlu a “liar” and to him, among other things, accused of having a Governor offended. But otherwise, he had in the past few weeks, mostly Imamoglus opponent Yildrim in the first series, possibly to take himself out of the line of fire.

Although Erdogan as President is still sitting firmly in the saddle the next election, he will have to face in four years – but on the Internet he is called on to resign. Even before the election in April, Erdogan had declared the Istanbul-choice, finally, to the “fate’s choice”. The electoral defeat in the city on the Bosporus is also painful for him, because he started here in 1994 as the mayor of his political career.