Not everyone is fortunate to have an apartment or a Chalet in the mountains. It would be right now in the Winter and Christmas season, the fancy, large, mulled wine to drink in front of a crackling fire, snuggled up on the Sofa, watching a movie, or read a book. As memories of past winter holidays in the mountains are awake. Gorgeous! A little cozy hut and Chalet-Chic but also easy in the city apartment or row house is magic.

coziness with natural materials

The most important ingredients for the cosy hut are wood, Horn, fur, wool or leather. With the right accessories and decorative elements, the living room in the Chalet can be restyled-Chic. So that must be catching a costly. In many furniture stores Hirsch, for example, a set of antlers as a matching wall decoration. Knit Plaids and fur pillows to be found now in every price class.

carpets and rugs have been experiencing for some time a Revival and fit also to Alpine-Chic. A cowhide instead of a rug on the floor is a particularly stylish eye-catcher in the living room or bedroom. For a uniform picture, the fur pillows and Plaids are combined on the Sofa. A little rustic plaid pattern. But they are also typical for the mountain magic. Of diamonds-cushion to the checkered tablecloth or bed linen is the Trend, according to almost everything. If you like plaid, you should make sure that it gets to be too much of a Good thing and not a variety of plaid colors and pattern mixing.

Of Chalet-Chic to the beach feeling

on Trend purchases, it is worthwhile to put on wood. Wood makes it homey – and not just in the Winter. It doesn’t have to be the same furniture an entire dining room made of wood. Candle holder, wall hook, serving tray or a stool in the wood are affordable decorative items, the fit to the Chalet-style. Advantage: wood-decoration in the summer it is easy to Restyle if more desire to have a beach feeling.

How rustic it is a total in your own home may be and should be, you should consider first before buying. And as is so often the case at the mountain hut magic: less is more – and the next spring comes. Then, the necessary space must be available to store the winter coziness somewhere in the meantime.