Set alarmist: storing buckwheat, get ready for the moth and castaneum

Buckwheat, pasta, sugar, sunflower oil, toilet paper – set of the already collected items from a large chain of Russian supermarkets. It is a kind of concern of marketers on the client – dozen baskets with a single price are waiting for potential buyers right at the entrance to the store. Proposal format all-inclusive Russians was referred to as “a set of alarmist”. Well, or trucks for hamsters.

Associative array, however, does not prevent citizens heavily to make stock. As informs TV channel “Russia 24”, the government on 19 March was even forced to remind you that the shortages there. And Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko asked not to provoke the customers, empty shelves, because “the goods of the consumer basket in the country – in excess of”.

Well the Network reacts traditionally themed meme. Now – about the mole that is sure to come in store for buckwheat. And, by the way, not only the mol. If you are very “lucky” that the landing of pests can be planted directly from food packages, bagged for future use in the supermarket.

Food moths – navratnas insect (not to be confused with hanging or potted mol). This pest is larger, the color of the wings are much darker. Mol feels comfortable in the apartment and actively propagated all year round. 365 days can develop up to eight generations. Warm after two weeks the eggs appear tracks. Not to say that they are extremely greedy – more, more spoil than eat.

Their favourite treats – precisely those products that people in a panic will sweep away from shelves: pasta, cereals. During the meal the caterpillars entwine the grain web, then eat it from the inside or chew outside, and when moving to the next seed, pinning him to the remains of the previous one. The so formed whole spider nest. They stuck the excrement of caterpillars and skins left after molting. Needless to say that pdonkey of such products can be safely thrown out.

And don’t think that food moths can be got only from negligent owners. The primary path of ingress of the pest in a apartment with food from the store. Moreover, the insects infest in closed packaging, for example, in case of violation of storage conditions of the product. And now, at the time of excitement, to grab a defective product in which the bugs nest is easy. After all, buyers are grabbing off the shelves all in a row — even those brands of buckwheat, pasta or rice, which are never soggy and weeks (if not months) were on the shelves.

And now, the pest is already in your kitchen. Breed insects lightning fast: before you know it, as they will spread on all your stocks. After eating, food moth caterpillars pupate, settling in the crevices, for behind Wallpaper, under linoleum. After two weeks, pupae butterflies appear, which during the day lay eggs, and start over.

“If you saw the apartment flying grain moth or if you saw the cupboard with the food, with dry food, in a number of some small bugs, chances are you will have to throw out almost the entire volume stored, – told the researcher of the Department of General ecology and Hydrobiology of biological faculty of Moscow state University Vadim Mar. Otherwise get rid of them from them extremely hard. And then we need to thoroughly wash your wardrobe, because you can remove the food, but somewhere you can stay eggs. And then they will come out again larvae.”

Insects threaten not only the buckwheat or pasta, they are dangerous to human health. If inadvertently, you suddenly eat spoiled food, get ready to allergic reactions and even food poisoning. This is a serious blow to the immune system that is completely out of place during an epidemic.

Who else can live in a grocery stockpile? Flour castaneum: spreads very quickly – enough for just a couple of individuals, so that soon there was a whole andrmiya larvae in all bulk solids. Grain grinder: loves pasta and cereals, although it eats everything in its path, performing the through-hole even paper and cardboard. Get rid of all those “friends” is extremely difficult. Your products have to be thrown away, and nesting – carefully handle cleaning products.

you Can not handle and meet “Apocalypse” without a century of food supply, but in the cheerful company of bugs, caterpillars and butterflies.