Australian scientists from the universities of Monash, Swinburne and RMIT has set a new record speed of the network connection via fiber optic cable. An article about the experiment was published in the journal Nature Communications.

The scientists were able to accelerate the connection rate to a record high of 44.2 terrabit per second. This speed is enough to download the content 50 discs Ultra HD Blu-ray 100 GB per second.

In achieving a record speed, the researchers used the technology “microgramma”. It improves significantly increases the efficiency of data transmission. Engineers integrated a special chip in the 75-km stretch of fiber optic networks that mimic the infrastructure of the Australian National broadband network. This means that this technology can be used in existing networks.

However, for personal use such speeds will be available soon – if the technology will become commercial, at first it will be used for the operation of data centers.

Earlier in Moscow the Ministry of communications proposed to use a mobile app as ID.