Didier Fischer is a busy man. The President of the leveler converts daily between completely conflicting worlds as a winemaker and a sports official. In the morning, the vines, and later the Journalist to call, and then the weekly meeting of the sports Commission is. Because Servette has no head of sports. “So,” says Fischer. “This Commission has proven itself in the last half of the year. The combines dynamism and competence. There is no need for Amendments.”

The athletic part is not the core competence of the President. He generates the money to survive in the highest League. How’s it going there? “We are in the Plan. We have reported in the license input a Budget of 12 million Swiss francs, i.e. twice as high as last season. This number is! Also if we want to increase, of course, in the course of the season.” What is happy fishermen: It is a lot of new sponsors have been added: private banker, construction and real estate companies, and foundations.

Okay. But what about the subscriptions? The Geneva vie for Super-League-football? “Our 32 Lodges are virtually all sold, only two are still fix. And of 200 seats in the VIP Lounge, only 20 are going to have,” says Fischer, and radiates. The experience of the world Stade de Genève draws so for those with the needed money. Difficult it is at the “foot people”. 2300 subscribers you have so far, according to Fischer. The goal of 3000 to 3500 be. So you could come on an average of 7000 to 8000 Fans. To move the masses is and remains tough in the Calvin city…

But Fischer is full of enthusiasm to bring the next cultural revolution to a successful end. Cultural revolution? “Of course. First of all, the club needed to be renovated. As I said to the people: Look, we need to make our house repaired. A Total Renovation! This was the first cultural revolution. As a Servette stand on healthy legs, we went to achieve a sporting goal: the ascent. The people of the new pitch. And now, the next cultural revolution is coming. Those which I place under the Motto of Ambition.”

And this is not supposed to exhaust in the League holding. “The goal is not to descend is a target of fear, I teach a target that is based on fear.” So? Lugano has managed in three seasons, twice in the Europa League. This is the model? Fisherman: “Yes. And also tuna that is grown up with modest means on a European level.” What are the can, we can, too. So the train of thought.

And at the end of this flagpole? The Title? Fishing would not be fishing, he would say categorically no. “Step by Step… But Leicester has also become the English champion. Okay, that was more of a flash in the pan. And yet It happened!”

Sporty’s Servette so on: The Geneva on Monday, 17. June, the fitness tests and medical checks, the next day you go into the height, into the Val d’illiez at the foot of the Dents du Midi, where a classic physical training at altitude with rehab is present in the thermal springs. Director Miroslav Stefanovic has extended until 2020 the current contract ahead of schedule until 2022. And of Aarau of the 13 times that season-leading scorer Varol Tasar, which has already been signed in the Winter comes, but at Aarau was borrowed. Must go, however, Sally Sarr, whose contract will not be renewed. Kwadwo Duah, in turn, changes to Wil.