on Tuesday rounded Denmark 5000 infected with the coronavirus. But you can follow the Statens Serum institut’s assessment, then the number in fact, between 30-80 times higher.

according to a new report published by the national board of Health.

Statens Serum Institut assume that the real number of infected people in Denmark is 30-80 times higher than the number being demonstrated. The assumption is done on the basis of studies from, among others, Germany and Iceland.

furthermore, It appears that studies of 1000 blood donors collected in the period 1.-3. april in the Capital Region of denmark shows that 3.5 percent of them have been infected with the coronavirus.

Transfer the stats to the population, so has 65,000 persons may already have been infected 26. march.

‘It is estimated, therefore, that the mørketallet is significantly higher than in the first planlægningsscenarie, and it is estimated from the Statens Serum institut’s page that for each identified smittetilfælde up to 28. march can be 30-70, which actually infected,’ says that among other things also in the report.

Kåre Mølbak, who is technical director of the State Serum Institute, confirms Tuesday to Berlingske that mørketallene expected to be in the size.

“There is a great deal of infection out in the Danish society, and there is a huge mørketal. In the bloddonorundersøgelser, there are made, you can see that it might have 70 times more, who have had the infection, than we can see in the statistics,” says Kåre Mølbak to Berlingske.