Roy Hilfiker (41) needs to take a deep breath, he stops for a few seconds. To very over the emotions overwhelm him. With a GLANCE, he returns to the place where he was two years ago, the victim of a brutal beating attack that nearly cost him his life. The reason for the blows, there was no.

“I went with my dog and my older son for a walk,” recalls Hilfiker in the fateful June evening in Aarwangen BE. “As always, I looked back to the window on the third floor, where the younger son waved out.” Hilfiker, an employee of a metal parts company, waved back. One of the neighbors, whom he only knew by sight, los stood at his window in the first floor and thought, Hilfiker would have been talking to him and accosted. “I asked if he had a Problem, he replied that he was going to make Kebab and Dürüm from me.”

blows without reason,

Hilfiker half an hour later, with his son, from a walk, came back, he had forgotten the incident a long time ago. Not so the offender: He waited in the stairwell on the two-fold father. “I came up the stairs and saw him in the doorway. I never would have expected that he would attack me the same.” However, the attacker winds up, slams Hilfiker on the wall, a beating with a wooden stick at him and hits him with multiple kicks.

Hilfiker: “My son ran upstairs and took my then life partner. As these came downstairs and strangled the guy. Then I got up myself and hit back.” After the brawl, all warped in their homes.

belly full of blood – the hospital to save his life

Roy Hilfiker stayed in Aarwangen, in the middle of the night, he woke up: “I couldn’t breathe. Luckily, my then partner insisted that I go to the hospital. The saved my life.” Because Hilfikers belly was already gone with about a Liter of blood – he had a ruptured spleen. Only thanks to the hospital visit, he survived.

Today, the two-day trial against his torturer begins now. Hilfiker: “I hope that the man is supplied, and a therapy gets.” As he has now know, the perpetrators of psychological problems: “in Addition, he has already been convicted once for aggravated assault.”

In VIEW of reports also Roy Hilfikers nut (66). She has a clear opinion: “The man is a ticking time bomb. The mentally Ill with such a high aggression potential, would all have to be stored or a drug therapy.” She sobs: “I Almost had to visit my son today at the cemetery. Because of nothing!”