With clear words and warnings Uefa chief Aleksander Ceferin by the European football on a common path in the Coronavirus pandemic. The Champions League and should be ended in August, in the case of premature termination of the leagues operation of the Europe Cup-to the exclusion of, and in the duration of the dispute with Fifa it is the next criticism.

The plans for the distribution of a planned financial assistance to associations, clubs and players in so far, unknown by the world Federation the chief of the European football Union rejected. “The statement by the Fifa was, you want it to. for the use of that desperately need it We should agree to it, so that the Fifa Administration can then decide who gets how much money. This is, in my opinion, and from a few other people a bit strange,” said Ceferin in the “Current sports Studio”, which was aired on Saturday in the ZDF. Fifa had previously announced the action, without mentioning specific amounts and Details.

Ceferin divides again against Fifa boss Gianni Infantino from

nobody can control to whom the sums of money being spent, criticized Ceferin, who went public several times already in Opposition to Fifa chief Gianni Infantino. “It needs strict regulations, and cannot simply be left to the Fifa Administration, who needs the most help. This is meant to be easy.” imago images / Sven Simon, Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin, with Dr. Reinhard Rauball, of criticism of Fifa

With a working group with the participation of the confederations, Fifa will currently also the much-needed clarity for guidelines on the transfer market. So is still not cleared, what with contracts and Switch to the 30. June happens, should be extended almost world-interrupted seasons on this date also.

This is also a scenario for the European Cup: to crown the winner in the Champions League and the Europa League, looks Ceferin August, as the ultimate deadline. “In September or October, we can’t play that,” said the Slovenian.

Ceferin full of praise for the Bundesliga

for more leagues to cancel That in Belgium their season on his own authority, wants to prevent the 52-Year-old, however, necessarily. This was not “the right way”, stressed Ceferin, and warned that such a step was the participation in the Europe Cup is risking the next season. The Belgian football tried on the weekend, to appease: the Association’s President, Mehdi Bayat’ve met Ceferin, and with him all the opportunities to advise, informed the national Federation on Saturday. A constructive solution was in sight.

The German club hope, however, continue to restart. Ceferin, to be referred to the plan of the League to want to from may games without spectators unsubscribe, as properly. “Every path is the right one, if the health of the players stands in the foreground,” he said. In the Corona-crisis it was “definitely a Consideration” to relax the rules of Financial fair play, UEFA also in the longer term. “We need to be flexible, many clubs are in serious situations,” he said. “We put that for now and see how the season comes to an end.”

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