“Did they forced you to free love?” This is the first question I hear after my return from the Osho Resort in Pune, India. That was in 2005, so a long time after the Bhagwan’s death in 1990. They called him the Sex Guru.

My first Time

It is my first Time, so Meditate. The start is in the morning at 6 o’clock with the so-called Dynamic. One of the Osho-developed Active meditations, a Mix of wild breathing, ecstatic dance and silent contemplation. On a Flyer the instructions. For example, that you jump with your arms up and down, “Huh! Huh! Huh!” cries and “the sex center hammer”, the first Chakra is called. Something to Giggle at, but that goes for a sweaty Bounce at the crack of dawn pretty quickly.

If we withdraw all the same?

I landed in a cult? The thought of not letting go of me, when I get to the evening meditation. Hundreds of white-clad people flows, at sunset, in a pyramid-shaped hall. A scene from a futuristic movie. If we withdraw all, if we are in it? The floor is made of marble is cool, and seemingly, the favorite building material of the guru’s beard with the noise. While einkuschelt comfortably on a meditation chair, flickers an old Talk by Osho on the canvas. His slurry English is hard drives to understand, and I’m almost asleep as me, his presence like a bolt of lightning! All of a sudden I’m wide awake. The man who seems to blink, with its ball-and-eyes, has touched me.

dream, hypnosis, or Indian mysticism

What exactly happened there, I can not say until today. Maybe I was dreaming in a half-sleep, or via am the canvas of a long-dead hypnotized. In Indian mysticism, however, it is not unusual for a master to his disciple in this way close to. With my experience I’m not alone. Some I meet at the Resort, have intensely dreamed of Osho or his words have not moved you so that you could here unlike heart.

“Club Meditation” to search for Meaning

of Course I know that Bhagwan, later Osho, is controversial. In the mid-1970s, the expansion time of the Sannyasins, was still Orange instead of dark Red. And under the Robe like nothing, ecstasy and disinhibition lined the path to enlightenment, Encounter therapies to hit the nose. Today, the once wild monastery is a fine Resort, for Indian standards, and incredibly clean, you could eat the organic vegetables from the soil. Guests from all over the world to travel for a few weeks, to meditate, to take courses, to have a rest by the Pool or at the morning dance at the Buddha-Groove, and in the evenings there is Disco. Program from early to late – not coincidentally, the place is also called the “Club Meditation”.

in 1931 as Chandra Mohan Jain in an Indian village-born, Bhagwan started his spiritual career in 1953. the Under a tree, he is enlightened.

From 1968 gathers Rajneesh as his former nickname, in Bombay, the first students to. His criticism of priests, politics, and sexual morality in India, carries with him the name of “Sex-Guru”.

in 1974, is formed in Poona (today Pune), the first commune. His Disciples he’s called a Neo-Sannyasins.

By 1980, the Ashram (monastery), attracts tens of thousands of search for Meaning , is practiced a Mix of Western therapies and Eastern meditation. The Indians of the West learning overran the Ashram is suspect, an extremist Hindu committed a assassination to Bhagwan. The state deprives the Ashram retroactively the tax-exempt Status, which has receivables in millions .

in 1981, attracts the municipality in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is a separate city. Special attention Bhagwan Rolls-Royce-fleet with more than 90 (excited!) Car. The municipality buys is the nearest town to Antelope houses, with dubious methods, the majority in the city Council, and renames the village in Rajneesh.

With Aids, the end of free love in 1984. Bhagwan orders safe Sex with condom and disposable gloves, even Kissing is forbidden.

in 1985, the in Oregon. , The municipality has criminalized in a permanent clinch with the neighbors. Bhagwan’s Secretary, Sheela flees, is arrested and lands in jail. Even Bhagwan is briefly imprisoned, and expelled from the country.

After an Odyssey Bhagwan in 1987, returns to Pune. From the Ashram, a meditation Resort -. The Guru changes its name to Osho and the dress code of Orange in dark Red and White.

On the 19. January 1990, dies Osho at the age of 58.

Today, the International Meditation Resort in Pune is one of the most attractive tourist attractions of India. The Sannyasin scene has individualized, everywhere there is small centres and groups. a Year to be sold around five million Osho books in over 50 languages.

golly in the head

In my second week in the meditative oasis of well-being, I venture to me to the Samadhi. Here are the ashes of the master, marble, crystal, and thick carpets is seem to swallow every sound. A Gong heralds an hour of Silence, I curse inwardly. My thoughts are not as quiet clouds, but like a thunder through my head, go to sleep feet, and I don’t want to get out of here. But surprisingly quickly the second sound of the Gong saved me, like cotton wool, I return to the Park area of the resort. Everything seems a bit different, more intense, the leaves of the trees are green, each taste bite, as if I would eat the first Time.

window to a new world

drugs I have not taken any, and to the free love or anything else, has forced me never someone. Like a cult feel of this place. For me, it had simply opened a window into a new world. I often travelled back there for so long, until it was enough. Today is the day of fun in the precious costs-Ashram, the equivalent of 25 francs, to me it has become too expensive. Can meditate, I now in my home and around the world. Thanks to the Guru without a Guru.

your hair is turning gray, the look lovingly, with devotion, Sheela Birnstiel (69) cared for in two residential care homes in Basel-land, old and mentally disabled people. It’s hard to believe that the Indian lady is the same Sheela, which was in the 1980s, headlines around the world. She was the Secretary, and the Familiar, the rights and the heavy Hand of the most famous Gurus of this time, then known as Bhagwan.

The commune of the Sannyasins moved in 1981 from the Indian city of Pune, in the U.S. state of Oregon, on the Big Muddy Ranch 15’000 Sannyasins realized their dream of a community. The local residents but the so-called Sex-sect was highly suspect, and you resisted, it came to a head. The whole extent is documented in the Netflix series “Wild, Wild Country”, which caused a stir worldwide.

Merciless times under Sheelas command

it is shown how the initially peaceful movement of the Bhagwan’s Disciples radicalized and Sheelas command armed. Exactly in this time the Guru had drawn in enigmatic Silence. Only after Sheelas escape from Oregon, he took to the public the word, and let you in front of all the world.

among the allegations of the US investigators of fraud through sham marriages, attempted murder, incitement to mass poisoning. In fact, it is found in Birnstiel, among other things, listening devices, and bio-test facilities.

sentenced To ten years,

Birnstiel was convicted in 1986 in the United States to ten years. After 29 months in prison she was released early for good behavior. Since then, she lives in Switzerland and founded in Basel land, two homes, she works seven days a week for up to twelve hours a day.

“The work was very important to me after my prison stay. I had to get back on my feet and my self-esteem back,” says Sheela. To were not “at this time my parents still with me, but they lived in India. I missed you very much. I have seen in all elderly people, my parents. This animated me to start a WG for seniors.”

“still in love with Bhagwan”

With the Netflix documentation, you moved back into the interest, Birnstiel is a generous Interviews. “My life is just interesting,” she says slyly. Even though you have nothing more to do with the world of the Sannyasins, be extinguished, your love to Bhagwan never. “I have Sex with him neither Power nor enlightenment sought. I was in love with Bhagwan and this is still the case.”