In the search for the Victims of a serial killer on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the police have discovered another body. Divers found on Tuesday in a suitcase, which had been sunk in a poison polluted the lake.

This was said by a police spokesman on the Cyprus state television (RIK). It was all the indications are that the body of a woman from the Philippines. This had to be confirmed by court medical, it was called.

In the island’s unprecedented series of murders, the number of found victims to six. The search for a seventh body to take.

criticism of authorities

The alleged perpetrator, a 35-year-old captain of the Cypriot national guard, has confessed to seven murders. The victims – five women and two children – will come from Asia, and Romania. The women had worked as housekeepers in Cyprus. Body finds that the police made so far, in an abandoned ore mine in the lake.

The case holds Cyprus since April in a breath. The Cypriot justice Minister resigned in may, the chief of police was fired. Criticism of the authorities arose primarily because it was in the case of the Missing foreigners inside and people on the margins of society and the police was not, therefore, in spite of Missing persons reports since 2016 will be active. (SDA/noo)