In India, caught a serial killer who fed his victims to crocodiles. It is reported by CNN.

In 1995, Devendra Sharma (Devender Sharma) was the victim of a fraud and went bankrupt. Since then, he has earned his living crimes: first, selling fake gas cylinders, then worked on the black market of organs, and, by his own admission, has spent more than 125 illegal kidney transplant surgery.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh Sharma and his accomplices hunted robbery. He called a cab, asked to take him to a secluded place and killed the driver. To cover their tracks, the body was thrown into a pond with crocodiles, and the car sold. Later, Sharma admitted that he caused the deaths of about 50 taxi drivers. Each kill brought him around 270 dollars (in 2004 this was 28 thousand rubles).

In 2004, Sharma was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, but in January 2020 was temporarily released. He had to return after 20 days, but never did. Fugitive found after six months. 62-year-old Sharma went to Delhi, married the widow and had not planned to return to jail.

In 2002, it was reported that in Costa Rica the crocodile ate prisoner who has escaped from prison. He hoped to move to Panama and died when tried to cross the river Terraba in the South of the country.