Sergio Marchionne (†66), the boss of Fiat, Ferrari and Chrysler, wanted more. Namely, the merger with the largest competitor in the Autoland America, with General Motors (GM).

This insane Plan Bloomberg Journalist Tommaso Ebhardt revealed in a Marchionne-biography, of of these days a pre-print in Italy, is published.

Apparently, Marchionne from the Success of the GM was convinced-Deal rock solid. Anyway, he met 2015 with European bankers to Finance the 60-billion-Dollar Takeover Elevator quiet. Backing he enjoyed from Fiat-Chrysler’s anchor shareholder, John Elkann, at least in the beginning. Also, a project name existed at the Fiat headquarters in Turin: Cylinder. Elkann discussed in the episode with Warren Buffett, family friend and major shareholder in General Motors.

Marchionne also negotiated with Volkswagen

The legendary billionaire from Omaha, but was of the Takeover. As Elkann – in contrast to the spunky, Marchionne, also not to the Success of a hostile Takeover, the Americans believed, from blew with the Turin-based Exercise. Marchionne was frustrated and angered by the of imposed “celibacy”.

Marchionne rolled according to Ebhardt further acquisition plans. Among these was the Takeover of the US activities of the German carmaker Volkswagen, after it skidded into the United States deeper and deeper into the Diesel scandal. However, from this project, then figured internally using the secret name of the Wolf, was nothing.

Previously, the Italo should have probed-Canadians because of a possible merger with the French Peugeot group. In 2013, he met Emmanuel Macron, then economic Advisor of President François Hollande. The long-cherished plan of Marchionnes was to rooms the world’s largest automotive group – a group with a market value of 100 billion dollars.

Fiat heir flew to Zürich

It remained in the dream. Marchionne died on 25. July 2018 in the University hospital in Zurich. A month earlier, the chain-Smoking had been operated on at the end of one of the top executives in the lung. Three days before his death, writes Ebhardt, was Fiat’s major shareholder Elkann in a private jet to Zurich, flown in to make a picture of the state of health of his corporate bosses.

made in Turin rumors of the round, Marchionne had been operated on in Zurich, just on the shoulder. Now, however, the Fiat wanted to ensure a legacy for education. He lives but without the written consent of Marchionnes partner Manuela Battezzato to visit in the intensive care unit could produce, he should be by the Doctors at the Unispital dismissed.

Only a face to face conversation with Battezzato on the Banks of lake Zurich before the flight back to Turin for a clarification. Marchionne would no longer be Fiat-Chrysler’s return. Previously, automotive Manager, Sergio Marchionne other plans: withdrawal from operations in the year 2019.

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