Sergievo-Posadsky OMON killed in Chechnya as a result of planned operations

“Ambush” is the name of her book is a document, which focuses on the events of a single day – March 2, 2000. That day a detachment of Sergievo-Posadsky OMON had to change who has served a three-month trip, the group of OMON from Podolsk.

the city-dwellers were sent to Mozdok their trucks and drivers to meet sergianopoulos and deliver them to the location of the base in the Old Fields on the outskirts of Grozny.

the Meeting was cooking hot, but it didn’t turn out exactly as planned. When the column sergiyevo-Posadsky OMON pulled up to the gates of the city-dwellers, it opened heavy fire from all sides, including from the side of the fence, which had already taken fighting place the Podolsk riot police. On the other hand shot the Chechen police Gantamirov. Thus, your shot her.

This icon was painted by the iconographers of Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra after the shooting of Riot police. Photo: Timofei Borisov/RG

the Investigation when the investigation came to the conclusion that the tragedy was the result of confusion and negligence of some officers, who were responsible for the formation of the column and its safe delivery from Mozdok to Grozny. In particular, the defendants were senior General, Deputy head of the GUVD of Moscow region Boris Fadeev. At trial, however, revealed that on the tragic day he led a completely different column suburban policemen in the Gudermes and safely have it delivered. But that did not stop the investigation to bring the version of banal negligence to the court, which had almost ended in complete embarrassment. The court of first instance headed by judge Chechen defendants led by the General was acquitted. Still remained unclear how the Podolsk riot police, who were waiting for their next shift, could open fire on their own trucks? Confused? And this despite the fact that the battle lasted from 10:00 to 14:00, and everyone had a walkie-talkie with which you can quickly find out who and togo shoots. The commander of the OMON Dmitry Markelov was murdered at the beginning of the battle, a single sniper bullet in the left cheek, that is from the database of city-dwellers. The sniper could not see who shoots. Posadny who managed to polypragmaty of cars lay in the ditch along the road and fired back, thinking that they are shot fighters.

Love Markelov believes that her husband and his men become the victim of well-planned provocations and organized ambushes.

In Kislovodsk riot police freed the child taken hostage by the father

“the Place for ambush was sighted. There have already been attacked a column of Federal forces under the command of a police major of the police Department of defense Anatoly Tinkov,” – writes in his book Love Markelov. She gathered some documentary evidence, that the ambush was planned in advance. It is therefore safe to assume that if in a convoy and General Boris Fadeyev, his fate would be the same as Dmitry Markelov.

by the Way, Boris Fadeev sure that the threads of the tragedy are from Chechnya in the suburbs and in particular in his native Sergiev Posad. The meaning of the provocation, according to him, revenge him personally and the Riot squad, which was in the suburbs is very inconvenient for many local criminal elements and associated corrupt officials.

by the Way, General Fadeyev is still exposed to persecution. Having failed to put him behind bars in the case of the shooting of a Riot, they tried to prosecute for attempting to illegally make his name on 12 acres of land for Sergiev Posad. General a few years ago, still managed to show the whole country in jail for all Federal TV channels, when he was elected a measure of restraint. But for more than seven years, the case before the court never reached.