Sergey Shipov: after All, in chess, a draw trend very high

How do you assess the first round? GMS think that I played badly…

Sergey Shipov: self-Flagellation and self-irony, characteristic of chess players. In my opinion, the game was of high enough quality. The excitement at the start is always there, even if you are an experienced chess player. The same great Mikhail tal became the eighth world chess champion, in many of his tournament started with a defeat. And this is normal: start-up pancake is often lumpy. Participants just missed the edge.

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva/ WG the candidates Tournament of the FIDE-2020 started in Ekaterinburg

What was the most unexpected result at the start of the tournament?

Sergey Shipov: Sensation of the first round is, of course, defeat Ding Liren from China. He stands in the two main favourites with Caruana, and many were laying for him. Why is he having a comfortable position with a big advantage, literally a few suicidal moves put themselves at the brink of defeat, still unexplained. All that is happening in the world, is not to blame. He’s completely healthy. I think we have a very healthy tournament in the history of chess. At some point, he apparently lost concentration.

did the Fabian Caruana confirm the status of favorite?

Sergey Shipov: He showed excellent opening preparation. However, having a clear advantage with the black pieces, he could not win, and it came out a draw. After all, in chess the draw trends are very large. Even with best background to win, you might not get it if you have a strong team with a cool head. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in a match Fabiana Caruana worked for protection as necessary.

Photo: Arkady Kolybasov/WG the candidates Tournament in Yekaterinburg will be the best in terms of organization

As in the game against serious opponent ‒ Alexander Grischuk, the youngest participant of the tournament Kirill Alekseenko snatched a draw?

Sergey Shipov: his party was very difficult. While playing with Alexander Grischuk, and he was seemingly in a hopeless defeat. But here we are, a couple of parties, and perhaps Cyril will enter into the taste. I must say that in these tournaments the participants are usually looking for the weakest link, everyone can want to beat it. But, when you have a second number, and the opponents are revealed and risk, have a chance to counter the attack. Cyril you need to hold the position, each draw it is a plus.

help “RG”

At the end of the first round, the leaders were Ian Nepomniachtchi and Wang Hao, Russian and Chinese grandmasters, respectively. The favorite of this tournament initially recognized Fabiana Caruana, ranked second in the FIDE rating list (2842 points). It is followed by Ding Liren (2805), Alexander Grischuk (2777), Ian nepomniatchi (2774), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (2767), Henri Weights (2763), Wang Hao (2762) and Kirill Alekseenko (2698).