Sergey Shargunov: it is Necessary to impose the state lives according to conscience

Do not irritate people

Pavel Basinsky: Sergei, before we move on to our conversation, can I tell you a story? Once we have a group of writers traveled to Sicily (sorry, you were not with us). There every town has its writers, and we met with them. But the talk did not go well. They have their own problems, we have ours. And talk about literature in General… About what? The greatness of Dante and Tolstoy? Suddenly at one meeting we were told: why do not you ask us about the mafia? We smiled. We thought that the Italian mafia is show “the octopus”. Nothing of the sort! It is, and this is a serious problem, especially in Sicily. And here they told us that the Sicilian mafia is an immutable law: the mafia can Rob the rich, but should not irritate the common people. The common people, to be honest, even rush, that rich someone ridicule. But one day, that’s what happened. Mafia passed a dry coat, forgetting your notebook. There was some contact. He thought I lost my notebook. But when the girl at the dry cleaners gave him a coat, with a smile, she handed him a notebook: “You forgot!” The same day she was found murdered. Mafia has decided that she now “knows too much”. But her brother was an easy COP. He made noise. I stood on the ears of the entire city, then the whole of Sicily, joined the press, television… And this mafia for a long time was thrown into jail. And the mafia had stepped in. “Don’t insult the people!” This I mean that when I read a compilation of your material in the FB, which describes cases absolutely absurd lawsuits against teenagers-orphans, one of whom stole a candy bar and received a two-and-a-half year sentence, while the other could get a term for what you took from the trail leading to the school, a fallen tree and sawed into firewood (he is sued for theft of state property), I thought, but the Italian mafia is smarter than our government officials and law enforcement officers. Don’t they realize that these actions – a direct incitement to a popular revolt, not to mention the fact that picLe of all this how to argue with those who say “it’s time to bring down this country”?

Photo: Vladimir Anosov In court of Krasnodar has lost the documents on the right to housing, the single mother with children

Sergey Shargunov: Paul, these stories still a virgin. And talking about the orphans must start with the fact that 270 thousand graduates of children’s homes do not have allotted to them the law of property. They have a straight road to the railway stations, in prisons and in the grave. That’s cannibalism!

in General, concerning serfs, mob, disenfranchised young people and committed more terrible atrocities than you mentioned and committed them know that it will go unpunished. As an example – the children of the nobility, which go on luxury vehicles-cars, maiming and killing accidents, but criminals out… the Theme is very topical. No wonder with a similar plot – the reckless driver, the son of the “master of life” confuses people – there are now two film has already become so popular “Slave” and the film “moon” by Yegor Konchalovsky.

Pavel Basinsky: I saw “Slave” Klim shypenko. A good Comedy about the correction of “posh” in a normal guy! But, mind you, still, the Comedy and such… tale. Almost a remake of “the Prince and the pauper” by Mark TWAIN. But in real life it is not so?

Sergey Shargunov: Too many pontorezy who know what it is all about loot that they will settle down and advanced. I do not know where ethics from the Sicilian mafia, but looking at the domestic bundle, recall a favorite Soviet children “the adventures Chipollino” Italian Gianni Rodari. Here they are around Signora Tomatoes, Countess Cherries, the poor Pumpkin that throw of the fragile huts, simple kids Bean and Potatoes… a Society of blatant polarization of the grotesque, eerily. Why is it always powerless to blame why poorgo take the last bag? The question is rhetorical. Robin hoods who would be on the side of the poor, something not seen, but feudalism is revealed in all its glory. Watching the chaos, keep asking yourself: well what then?

talking about the orphans must start with the fact that 270 thousand graduates of children’s homes do not have allotted to them the law of property

There is such concept: the descendants of the cheeky feudal lords are thin and delicate, and gradually the wild game evolyutsioniruet, will come to naught. While slightly hard to believe. The dead-end branch of evolution. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the great criminal revolution (using the expression Stanislav Govorukhin) gold devour their own children. Their parents snatched at least fatty pieces in a fierce battle, and these pontorezy – in fact helpless goners… to stand up for Themselves can not.

the People or the system?

Pavel Basinsky: Here is a quote from your FB: “Orphan from the village of Mezmay, Krasnodar Krai has cleared the path between the stadium and the school from the dry trunks of trees and piles of branches. For free, out of kindness. Caring about passers-by. After that, he appeared in court on charges of illegally felling trees on a large scale. The boy faced up to four years of imprisonment with a large fine. To protect Basil stood his fellow villagers who came to me for help. In the end, the case against Kuban orphans closed. That’s good. But too bad that it was open. It’s important to not have used legal naivete orphans and left him with a lifetime seal criminal records. I appealed to the regional Prosecutor’s office, demanding a full review of this case. Glad that was answered. But it would be nice to ask those who fabricated a case”.

now tell me is the system? I doubt whether the people who wanted to sue this kid – evil and cruel by themselves. They went to school, read “Alyosha the Pot”, Chekhov’s “Vanka” and other proper humane texts. It’s no longer the “human factor” and the “teeth system”?

Witherga Shargunov: Even Fedor Alexandrovich Abramov, whose centenary is celebrated, said: “Officials are eating and will never meet”. Do not need to simplify and demonize, but there is a system device. Some of them Yes, takes possession of professional sadism – I mean torture in places of detention, torture in police stations… I’m writing queries. Overcoming resistance to introduce laws that, for example, must include DVRs, those who “educate” the prisoners, or employees of the Commissioner for human rights had the right of free travel to prisons and camps. After my inquiries has shifted to a criminal case in Kaliningrad, where the police station was boiled alive strapped to the battery people.

Photo: Anton Valagin Why disabled people are waiting for treatment years

Pavel Basinsky: But most of the inhumanity of those or other decisions or their absence is not associated with someone’s anger, and the mechanics of the existence of the system?

Sergey Shargunov: Much is done for show, there is a conveyor belt of criminal cases and acquittals is less than one percent! In addition, officials of different levels have to cover each other is a question of their survival. I always call and threaten, are with me and explained the different regional aces.

despite the fact that we have a number of super-rich growing, here are the results of the recent audit of the accounting chamber: in half of the children’s hospitals in Russia there is no hot water supply, 41% of buildings – heating, and about a third of the agencies of water and sewer.

our children are dying because of the serious condition of medicine, we have there a shortage of vital drugs, we seize on the chaos of children from their families “guardianship”, we have to compatriots not to give Russian citizenship and edeveuts in the offices. People are living in emergency rotting buildings. Scythe of optimization (in this word the whistling scythes!) mow schools, hospitals, FAPs… In one of the regions with poor people for small debts were massively cut battery in the winter, in the cold!

you Touch a link, will the explosion comes the whole chain. Publicity of any individual injustice machine has the highest local authorities, according to their backers in Moscow. The system is designed so: first of all power – the opportunity for enrichment. The main thing here is not to Shine and to do, as usual.

the Main thing – not to make a noise

Pavel Basinsky: And as an institution?

Sergey Shargunov: Often come to my colleagues and say, “We can’t, like you, to step in and make noise”. Though, because there’s usually a bunch of regional Deputy Governor. But I want to believe: not everything is hopeless. When I became a Deputy in 2016 and has started almost every day in social networks to tell and report, who asked what the trouble and how to help – around the web was a desert. And now, look, stir, and let a clumsy but they are responsive not only to report on how proud fluctuate together with the well-known line. It is important to lead by example. Post your requests – after all, my query must answer at any level.

Well, for example, that came to the state Duma, the journalist Yevgeny Primakov, who continually gives open battle, officials in the Saratov region from which elected. There should be more people who are independent and understand what feedback and reputation. Very adequately behaves scientist Oleg Smolin, Deputy of the blind, which I called the most sighted.

Maybe that sounds romantic, but I am convinced that it is necessary to impose the state lives according to conscience. Relations with a conscience – it’s not just your own business, it’s your public behavior.

Mercy is a sign of strength

Pavel Basinsky: Or the story of Igor Eminem, an orphan who shoplifted a candy bar 21 and almost got it for life. I was struck by the crowd of angry commenters: “let them sit!” Is that already the problem of the morality of society?

Sergey Shargunov: Well, there was the army sent by the trolls, and bots, and just many of those who believe that all we have great and talking about injustice undermines the state. I get banned and ignored, but in the end the guy managed to pull out, and even the apartment he got. A separate destiny, but the fate of such is the destiny of the people. So, victory is possible.

Maybe that sounds romantic, but I am convinced that it is necessary to impose the state lives according to conscience

another example of inadequate Or bloodlust. Recently introduced to the State Duma a draft Amnesty to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. It is a traditional procedure – act of mercy important dates. Previous large-scale Amnesty happened in 2015 and was also timed to the anniversary of the Victory. So, a funny reaction in social networks many users with cats and flowers on the avatars. Barely seeing the word “Amnesty” is filled with rage. How so? In vain we have not sit. Let’s see the play of their own.

I Must admit this paradox. Yes from prison do not promise, and servitude – the people’s share, but how widespread hostile-indiscriminate alienation of the prisoners, as though from a plague of some… Although we are talking about minor offences. For example, on juvenile pervogodkov who have not committed anything serious.

Writers Pavel Basinsky and Sergey Shargunov speak to their readers. Photo: Michael Sinitsyn/ RG

Pavel Basinsky: You agree that mercy is a sign not of weakness but of the strength of the state?

Sergey Shargunov: we always oppose the expediency and humanity, the state and identity, the Homeland and freedom, fathers and children. If not breaking out of the primitive conflict, is to wallow in the anguish of self-destruction, wherekind and those right, those, and where to go – is unclear. I have strong hope that the poles can meet not another crazy confrontation, and the common cause’s sake. So, left and right, rooted in the soil and Westerners, conservatives and progressives, deeply religious and distant from the Church, not agreeing with each other, able to do something that improves the country.

in addition to natural contradictions, it is easy to see artificial bleeding generations and social groups to the detriment of the future. Striking out by subtracting from Russia someone, we make it weaker. In every concern there is the potential of not only unrest, but also of rebirth. Our citizens, with passions, violence, and disputes – this is Russia, a great variety.

No respect for the person – not the savings of the people

Pavel Basinsky: What, in your opinion, is more important than “human rights” or “patriotism” in their current, often distorted understanding?

Sergey Shargunov: Now too a lot of people hear about “human rights” irritated shrug: and what other law? Overseas gimmick, bird language, swagger, and audacity. And I, for example, on the right, on the availability and quality of drugs and medical care. But more importantly, to register in the hearts and minds: the ideas of patriotism should be unified with the values of human rights and freedoms. No respect for people – not people’s savings. Of course, unfortunately, for the devaluation of the bright image of human rights have done a lot and can say that this patented already like the post. Oh, how we need the people’s rights!

Pavel Basinsky: Good that you’re helping these people as a Deputy. But it’s no help. Is this correct?

Photo: RIA Novosti “a letter to the Pope on the front”: How to raise patriotizm, without children

Sergey Shargunov: Wrong. I am in dire need of helpers in the first place – the lawyers who could make requests, needs to develop humane legislation. I am glad that today thousands of young people become volunteers, helping others, saving the culture, highlight the injustice. This gives us reason not to despair. And I wish there were more of those who understand the importance of the conscience and samostojna.

Question – answer

Pavel Basinsky: What was the reaction of officials on your too violent human rights activities as a Deputy?

Sergey Shargunov: the System is such that anybody in a head does not come that it is natural for the Russian writer, the son of a priest, to defend the defenseless. Come to see me humiliated and insulted “little people”. I make requests, I call a “turntable”, publish articles and posts in support of them, talk about their sorrows in his television program. And what is the reaction of the officials? “Who ordered you hitting?” – “Who? Pushkin, Chekhov, Korolenko”. – “Let’s not play the fool. Who is your roof?” “My roof – the Russian literature”.