Sergey Pryadkin did not rule out that the season in RPL will be completed ahead of schedule

broadcast “Match TV” RPL President Sergey Pryadkin told that the League after 10 April will act in accordance with recommendations from authorities.

“of Course, clubs still need a few weeks to get players in shape. Even if all the 10th will open before the 24th championship doesn’t start. There are a few options calendar – optimistic, pessimistic, with a view of the future,” said Pryadkin.

Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti “Match TV” will fill the air of the Belarusian football

Chapter RPL also did not rule out the possibility that the season will not be finished. One of the problems here may be the terms of the contracts of the players, many of which expire at the end of may or early June.

“I Think that we will finish the championship. We have to finish and meet your obligations. But the timing is not going to say. Play two rounds a week? We have such an option. It doesn’t cause problems. We had such precedents, when we, too compressed,” – said Sergey Pryadkin.

But matches without spectators at the end of the season will not be exact, said the head of the HRC.

“We of all clubs believe that football is for spectators. That’s why he’s number one in sport. We do not consider the issue of games without spectators,” he said.