on Tuesday, July 14, members of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow visited in Lefortovo prison of Sergey Furgala, who was arrested on charges of organizing the murders.

Have arrested the Governor of the Khabarovsk territory revealed a strange Allergy. His hands were covered with red spots. According to him, he fears that this may develop into anaphylactic shock.

Furgal, a physician by training, believes that there is some allergen that affects the body. He did not rule out that it happened because of the gloves, which he was.

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According to Furgala allergies not yet passed. Him two little pills. On Tuesday, the medicine has not brought. The prisoner asked members of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow, to ensure that all the necessary preparations.

Furgal, despite his position, is held positively, with humour relates to the situation. He said that either the gear or parcels not received “I guess I forgot” – he joked.

His co-defendant Nicholas Mistryukov held in the same case, also was able to interact with members of the HRC and said that he’s in prison diagnosed with cancer. However, any treatment he receives. According to him, a matter of days.

Mistryukov also complained of eye problems. One eye is blind because of retinal detachment. Treatment, according to him, also not provided.