Sergei Sobyanin reported on the first ill by the coronavirus in Moscow

With the technology of graph data analysis specialists Group-IB has identified where it came from: the artificial distribution of voice messages. Information attack was spread mostly through bots, as well as in different groups, messengers. Moreover, this female voice is equally sad were not only in Moscow but also in Voronezh, Chuvash Republic and other cities of the country. Not for the first time – this stuffing was already in January. An end to the rumors and conjecture put the mayor of the city Sergei Sobyanin: in the evening in his blog, he announced that the coronavirus is really identified Muscovite, who arrived from Italy. And at the first.

However, it was not great news for Muscovites as the day before, on Sunday, information came to the Department of health of Moscow. It said the initial diagnosis the patient was placed in the city infectious hospital # 1. Then the tests, as is customary, sent to the Novosibirsk center “Vector”. And once the experts have spoken, the mayor then spoke about the situation with all the details. That now the patient is in the infectious diseases hospital and gets all the necessary treatment. Disease it occurs in mild form. Authorities these days are also not sitting idly: since the advent of suspicion of infection of the first patient established complete his circle of contacts – family, friends, acquaintances, and passengers who flew with them on the same flight. Six relatives and five friends of the sick were hospitalized, and one in the Crimea and another in the suburbs. Symptoms of the disease they have. Another 13 people were hospitalized from among the passengers with minor ailments and 83 placed under home quarantine.

the Doctors say that the disease David Berov, the Amateur player of the Moscow football club “Megalogika”, occurs in mild form. Photo:

Next, the mayor elaborated on the measures taken in the capital in order to stop the spread of dangerous infection. In particular, in all the airports of the Moscow aviation hub continues the work of health posts. All citizens arriving from China, Iran and South Korea, issued a ruling on exclusion, recorded their contact details on the photograph is taken, the analysis of coronavirus infection.

Arriving from Italy and other countries with unfavourable epidemiological situation by coronavirus infection recommendations to follow a policy of isolation at home. They also filled out a questionnaire with contact information and pictures.

all international passengers at all airports to measure body temperature. Those who have it is higher, are invited for medical post. Take the analysis further – hospitalitynet or leave under medical supervision at home. In parallel revealed the full circle of people with whom this person communicated.

Official information about the situation with coronavirus in Moscow will be published on the website

compliance with the isolation regime in the city under control, including using special technical measures. Continues daily rounds of the places of mass visiting and residence of citizens of China, as well as Russians and citizens of other countries, who arrived from China to Moscow before the introduction of the solid control at the borders. February 15, already held more than 12 thousand studies on coronavirus infection. Are currently under the supervision of more than 5.5 thousand people.

Photo: EPA-EFE/STEPHANIE LECOCQ Flash COVID-19 led to the revision of the forecasts of the economy for the year 2020

Citizens of contacteralished with potential carriers of infection, or have broken the isolation mode, if necessary, are placed in sanatoriums and rest homes for regular medical control. For them there is secured a comfortable stay and four meals. If required, said Sobyanin, will deploy additional capacity.

the hospitals were prepared extra beds for hospitalization of patients with suspected coronavirus infection.

Since the most severe complications of coronavirus infection is pneumonia, for the treatment of patients with pneumonia a dedicated dedicated. They are equipped with equipment for artificial pulmonary ventilation and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (artificial lungs). Formed multidisciplinary teams, including mobile, including an infectious disease doctor, pulmonologist, epidemiologist, anesthesiologist, resuscitation specialist, doctors, ambulance. 100% of patients with pneumonia are tested for coronavirus infection.

Selective measurement of temperature of passengers remotely will be organized at the entrances to Moscow metro. The same recommendation of the CPS was received by the employers to organize regular temperature measurement at the workplace.

Remain in force and previously imposed preventive measures. On various scenarios of development of events developed response plans city services. “I ask citizens to abide by restrictions, and to apply preventive measures recommended by the doctors,” asked Sobyanin with a request to the Muscovites. And assured: “we Will continue to regularly inform the public about the current situation and the actions of the authorities”. In particular, soon the official information will be published on the website So where is, what mysteries and secrets “fucking government”, which stated in the fakes? “We urge not to believe stuffing”, – I appeal to Muscovites IT professionals. And this is probably the most reasonable withvet in a situation that we need to survive.