Sergei Shoigu discussed with President Assad the situation in Syria

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/ RIA Novosti Putin and Assad discussed the promotion of the political process in Syria

Shoigu and Assad know each other, had never once met in Moscow and in Damascus. Speech at such meetings usually went on combating international terrorism and about the assistance that Russia is ready to provide war-affected middle Eastern state. In current negotiations, these issues were also raised. As reported by correspondent “RG” in the defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, and Assad, in particular, spoke about how to ensure a sustainable cessation of hostilities in the area Iglinskiy de-escalate and stabilize the situation in other parts of Syria. They also discussed various aspects of military-technical cooperation within the framework of the joint fight against international terrorist groups.

a Separate topic is the humanitarian assistance to our country’s Syrian population, notably suffering from restrictive sanctions by Western States. In fact today, only specialists from Russia to help the authorities in Damascus to restore the economic potential of the country. According to information from the defense Ministry, the talks with Assad Shoigu confirmed: terminate assistance, Moscow is not going to.

Photo: courtesy of the defense Ministry Joint patrols of the military of Russia and Turkey took place in Idlib

meanwhile, on Monday in the area of our de-escalation of Idlib and the Turkish military, the second time spent patrolling the strategic highway M-4, linking the province of Latakia with the country’s largest city Aleppo. As reported in the Russian worldtvorcheskom the Center for security patrol cars the length of the route a joint RAID once again reduced. The fact that the first patrol this route in mid-March, also had to adjust the time and length of the control zone. The reason was the “human shield”, which is entrenched in Idlib beyond the control of Ankara, the terrorists put up in the way of the military. The route of the platoon of the military police of the Russian and Turkish divisions of the militants put civilians, including women and children. This provocation has impeded further movement of the joint Russian-Turkish patrol.

Here is how further developments are then explained in our defense Ministry: “In order to prevent incidents, which could hurt civilians, a joint Russian-Turkish focal point, it was decided to shorten the route length of the first joint patrols”. The defense Ministry said that in connection with the provocation on the highway, the Turkish command has provided additional time for the adoption of measures to neutralize terrorist groups and security joint patrols of the highway M-4.

Photo: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti Russian guided missile has proved its effectiveness in Syria

on Monday in the Russian peacekeeping Centre confirmed that Turkey has undertaken in the near future to neutralize radical extremist groups, impeding the movement of columns of joint patrolling a highway in the safety corridor.

Recall that in accordance with the agreements between presidents Putin and Erdogan on that motorway and to the North and South of it provides for the establishment of safety corridors with a total width of 12 kilometers. The road itself is a mustyou were to take control of the military of Russia and Turkey. According to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, despite the efforts of the militants provocation, a joint patrol of the highway M-4 will continue. But only after Ankara fully versed with operating in Idlib by fighters.